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Which model Weber you have?

Here's a quick way to determine your model.

There are predominantly three Weber Gas Grill Series (Spirit, Genesis and Summit) on the market. And now there is a redesigned Genesis II. 

If you do not know your series, you can always select the correct part by either measuring the part or by certain characteristics of your grill. 

We always recommend measuring your parts and comparing them to our part description to be absolutely sure.

Does your Grill have wood shelves? Then it is most likely a Genesis 1000-5500 and has 13 flavorizer bars. 

Plastic Shelves? These grill would likely be a Spirit or a Silver, A, B or C 


Grills with two knobs (2 burners), is in the Spirit Series - 500, Silver A with side mounted controls or E-210, S-210 with front or side mounted controls (depending on the year manufactured). The side mounted controls are older models of the 200 series while the front mounted controls are newer models.

5 Flavorizer bars that are 21 1/2" long - Weber Spirit 200, Spirit 500 and Silver A - all side mounted controls

3 Flavorizer bars that are 15 1/3" long - Weber Spirit 200 - all front mounted controls


Grills with three knobs (3 burners that are mounted horizontally - front, center and rear), your grill is most likely a Spirit 700, E-310, Genesis 1000-5500, Silver B (three burners) & C (three burners with a side burner), Gold or Platinum. 

We can also narrow your model down by whether you have a wooden or plastic shelf or by the quantity and size of your flavorizer bars.

Genesis Grills with 13 flavorizer bars, are old Genesis 1000-5500 or Gold/Platinum series grills (prior to 2002) have 5 long bars and 8 short bars.

After 2002, the three burner grills were designed using 5 flavorizer bars that are distinguished by four lengths : 17 1/2", 22-1/2", 23-3/8", or 24-1/2".

Flavorizer bars that are 17-1/2" long - Weber Genesis 300 series with front mounted control knobs.

Flavorizer bars that are 22-1/2" long - Weber Genesis Silver B or Silver C.

Flavorizer bars that are 23-3/8" long - Genesis Platinum B or Platinum C (2000-2004).

Flavorizer Bars that are 24-1/2" long - Genesis 300 series with control knobs mounted on right. 

Older Weber (Spirit , Genesis (prior to 2002 model year), and Platinum I/II ) gas grills used a piezo ignition .  In fact, it wasn't until the introduction of the E or S series in the Genesis and Spirit that a battery operated spark generator was introduced. (Though the side burners still used the piezo igniters)

Genesis 2007  These Grills have Side Control knobs used a 2 port spark generator and have the burners running left to right (Horizontally) and had more btu's then the older grills

(2007 Models) ignitor kit. metal gas collector box and electrode.

(2008 thru 2010 models) ignitor kit. white molded plastic collector box with ceramic electrode and wires

Genesis - 2011-2016 had a major change in the burner orientation. They moved from horizontal to vertical. They had used the horizontal orientation for decades. This moved the controls to the front of the grill. This grill uses a 4 spark generator and Heat deflectors 

Genesis II Grills have flat tube burners versus round tube burners. All of the Genesis II open cart grills are imported. The closed cart is Made in the US though many of the parts components are imported.

Weber Grill Parts Breakdown

Weber serial number location :

All Weber Grills have the serial number located on the owners manual. If you should not have your manual, follow these guidelines below. Also you can email us a picture of your grill and we can figure it out.

Your serial number will begin with 2 letters and 5 or 6 numbers following.

Spirit 2007-2017

  • Before 2013 - On the bottom panel 
  • After 2013 - Also on the manifold.

Spirit II

  • Inside face of the left side panel and on the manifold.

Genesis 1-5

  • Inside of the tank panel (below the firebox) or under the control panel.

Genesis 1000-5500, Spirit & Platinum

  • Under (or on the right side) of the control panel 

Genesis Silver, Gold, Platinum

  • Right side of control panel.

Genesis Silver, Gold, Platinum SWE

  • Inside of tank panel.

Genesis 2007-2016

  • Located on the right side panel next to the drip tray.

Genesis II / Genesis II LX

  • Rear Frame and manifold 

Summit 1998 - 2002

  • Right rear leg

Summit on Open Carts

  • Behind front right leg

Summit Silver, Gold, Platinum

  • Outside of the right louvered panel and on manifold.

Summit 2007-2017

  • Toward the bottom of inside the cabinet on the Left side panel.

Summit 2007-2008 Built-Ins

  • Inside the door.

Summit 2009-2014 Built-Ins

  • Inside the cabinet (toward the bottom) on Left side panel.

Summit Grill Centers 2011-2017

  • Left hand frame.

Baby Q/Q 100/Q 1000, Q 120/Q1200

  • Back side frame

Q 200/Q 220

  • Under left or right side cart.

Q 140/Q 1400, Q 240/Q 2400, Q 2000/Q 2200, Q 300/Q 320, Q3200

  • Rear leg frame

If you are still not sure, call us at 877-983-0451 or email info@thebbqdepot.com and our Weber Grill Experts will be here to help.

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