Why Lynx Makes Some of Our Favorite Grills

Summer is coming — and that means grilling. For some, that also means buying a new grill. If you’re looking for a well-built grill that will last season after season, one of our favorite brands is Lynx.

The American made Lynx grill that is known for its ability to turn whatever food that’s tossed onto it into a masterpiece. With its highly professional capabilities, a Lynx grill is sure to impress just about any cook — regardless of if you’re a weekend grilling warrior or a professional looking for some R&R at home.

History of Lynx Grills

Original Lynx LBQ Grill

In 1996, a group of entrepreneurial dreamers came together to change the world of outdoor cooking into one of luxury. They had been working for 30 years making professional quality stainless steel appliances, and they decided it was time to innovate their own piece of high caliber equipment in a market that hadn’t yet been tapped into: luxury grills. And thus, the Lynx grill was born.

The Lynx grill catalogue started out small. The idea was to have a few products that were created to perfection instead of several products that turned out subpar. The world responded with enthusiasm to the deluxe grill Lynx created, and they soon became known as “the world’s greatest grill.” In 2015, The Middleby Corporation (the same company that owns Viking Professional) acquired Lynx Grills. Lynx will be manufacturing the Viking Grill as well as the Lynx Professional Brands.

The Professional and Sedona Lynx Grills

Lynx provides two lines of grills.

The first line, the Lynx Professional Grill, is the absolute top of the line luxurious barbeque that all serious chefs dream of. It is a sleek machine that transforms food into works of art, and can hold its own when compared to the quality of grills used in restaurants.

The Lynx Sedona Grill is still considered a top of the line grill, but is priced more affordably and lacks some of the features that the Professional line of Lynx grills has to offer. Even without some of the high-end aspects of the Professional Lynx grill, the Sedona still rises above the competition when it comes to quality and deliverance of mouth-watering barbeque.

Unlike a typical barbeque, both lines of Lynx grills are able to reach high temperatures that allow the chef to sear the outside of their meats and vegetables without overcooking the inside. That gives home chefs the ability to cook food just like the pros — without ever having to leave their backyard.

Both Lynx grills are able to reach 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit with their Prosear Infrared burners. At such a high temperature it is only necessary to sear a steak for 1-2 minutes, leaving you with a delicious crust on the outside and leaving the inside as rare as you like. Classic grills typically only reach a temperature of 500-600 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby doubling the searing time — risking overcooking the meat.

This is just one quality both grills share. Let’s take a look at what sets these two grills apart.

The Lynx Professional Grill

Lynx Built-in Grill

The Lynx Professional Grill can — and has been — described in a variety of ways. King of grills. The best of the best. The centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen. We agree — if you’ve got the money to spend, it’s certainly worth it.

The Professional Grill can be purchased as a free-standing barbeque on a wheel cart, easily rolled to different locations around the yard. It can also be purchased as a built-in barbeque, ready to be installed in a luxurious outdoor kitchen. No assembly is required for either option, the Lynx Professional grill comes to your home fully assembled and ready for use. Lynx grills can also be manufactured for either propane or natural gas.

Professional Burners

There are two types of burners available on the Professional series.

First, let’s talk about the ceramic burner. Why does Lynx use a ceramic burner? The ceramic burner retains and radiates heat better than any type of metal that is typically found in a grill. It provides consistent heat that doesn’t vary. To the joy of all backyard chefs in the world, it is miraculously self-cleaning. There are no portholes that can be clogged with grease or corrode over time. The ceramic burners are able to reach temperatures high enough to burn off any residue or allow it to drop onto the tray below.

On top of those ceramic burners is a tray containing ceramic briquettes. The briquettes allow heat to radiate and distribute evenly over the surface of the grill. There are no inconsistent hot spots that cause food to cook unevenly. To clean the briquettes, just turn over the tray they sit on and turn up the heat of the grill for five minutes.

Then, we have the patented Lynx Trident™ Infrared Burner. Infrared is almost interchangeable with high heat. According to Lynx:

Traditional grill burners are hard to control, because they cook by heating the air around your food. That takes time to change.

A Lynx Trident™ Infrared Burner directly heats the grate beneath your food with 23,000 BTUs of intensive heat. With temperature control that's instantaneous, ranging from 300˚-1000˚, it’s the method employed by the world’s leading chefs, and now it’s in your grill.

Because of the wide range of instant temperature control, it is possible to perfectly sear the outside of a steak while leaving the inside as rare as the chef desires. Any food placed on the Lynx Trident™ Infrared Burner can be cooked with the most delicate temperature control, making it the perfect grill for seafood lovers.

Lynx Professional High End Features

The Professional series comes with extra-thick stainless-steel rod cooking grids which adds extra durability and heat retention while allowing those perfect grill lines every outdoor cook strives for.

No deluxe grill is complete without a rotisserie kit. The Lynx Professional grill series contains an infrared back burner with 14,000 BTUs of cooking power. There is a tray that sits underneath the back burner to hold wood chips, to add extra flavor to whatever the rotisserie might be spinning. The rotisserie kit has two speeds and positions to provide you with more control, so that you can get the results you want.

Don’t forget the smoker box. The Lynx Professional grill series has a smoker box to add that delicious smoky flavor to whatever is sitting on the grill alongside it. The smoker box comes with a removable handle to make removing the piping hot smoker box a simple process.

The high-end features in the Lynx Professional grill series are practically endless. The grill is lit using a hot surface ignition. This is more reliable than the classic spark ignition system and is promised to light every time. No more frustration over a grill that won’t light! This Lynx grill is made from 14-gauge 304 stainless steel to ensure resistance to the elements and corrosion. There is even a full-width drip pan beneath the burners to enable easy cleaning.

The 50-pound hood comes equipped with a spring assist system, making it possible to lift the hood with one finger. The hood is also double walled in order to provide better insulation. Seamless welding assures there will be no grease or moisture build-up in unwanted areas. Windbreaker fins in the back of the grill protect your food from unwanted temperature fluctuations.

The knobs are fully lit with blue LED light. The interior of the grill has a halogen light to make grilling in the evening a breeze.

Lynx Professional Grill Sizes

Keep in mind that the Lynx Professional grill comes in a few different sizes: 27, 30, 36, 42, and 54 inch. Along with each size, there are varying combinations of the two types of burners. A grill can be ordered with all ceramic burners, all infrared burners, or a mixture of both. It is recommended that at least one burner is infrared in order to experience the restaurant quality searing capabilities. Looking for Wi-Fi capabilities? Choose a Lynx Smart Grill. Offered in 30, 36, and 42 inches, These grills not only enabling the chef to monitor the temperature of the grill from their phone, wherever they are but, also ignite your grill.

Lynx Sedona Grills

Lynx Sedona Built-in Grill

Don’t let the more affordable price fool you — the Lynx Sedona Grill is still considered to be an excellent grill. It shares many of the same luxurious features as the Professional series, and provides a valuable option for chefs looking for a restaurant quality Lynx grill at a more affordable price.

The Lynx Sedona Grill is available in freestanding form on a wheel cart or ready to be installed to your outdoor kitchen. It is also available for use with either propane or natural gas, just like the Professional series.

Sedona Burners

The Sedona series comes with a stainless-steel burner in a U-shape that provides 23,000 BTUs. While still a quality product, the stainless-steel burner does not radiate heat as effectively as the ceramic burner, nor does it retain heat in the same manner. The stainless-steel burner is not self-cleaning, and is prone to eventual corrosion due to the elements.

With that said, the stainless-steel burner has a tray of Lynx ceramic briquettes just above it, providing the even heat distribution professional cooks are looking for. The ceramic briquettes are self-cleaning just like the briquettes the Professional series offers. Simply turn over the tray of briquettes, turn up the heat, and wait five minutes.

The infrared burner found in the Lynx Sedona grill is ceramic, but it comes in a rectangular shape versus the trident shape found in the Professional Series. It still provides 23,000 BTUs of heat, with precise temperature fluctuation abilities to enable the chef to cook even the most delicate of dishes.

Lynx Sedona High End Features

The Lynx Sedona Grill series has plenty of luxurious touches just like the Professional series, such as extra wide stainless-steel rods to make up the grid. It also has a spring hood assist to make it easy to lift the 50-pound hood. An exterior temperature gauge gives the cook effortless access to the temperature of the grill.

This Lynx grill is made from 16-gauge 201 grade steel. It has a standard spark ignition, which is slightly less desirable than the Professional series’ hot surface ignition. It does come with a rotisserie kit, but only one speed and one position is offered. The knobs of this grill are also backlit with a blue LED light, and a single halogen light is found inside to enable those nighttime barbeques we love.

Lynx Sedona Grill Sizes

The Lynx Sedona grills come in three different sizes: 30, 36, and 42 inches. Just like the Professional series, you are able to choose which combination of burners you want for your grill. The number of burners depends on the size of the grill you purchase. Again, it is recommended that at least one of the burners is infrared in order to experience the impressive searing heat capabilities.

Which Lynx Grill is Right for You?

There is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing between the Lynx Professional or Sedona Grills. Both Lynx grills offer temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit with their Prosear Infrared burners.

Both offer a wide selection of matching outdoor kitchen equipment available for purchase from Lynx including stainless steel cabinets, an outdoor trash can, a cocktail station, warming drawers and fridge. When it comes down to it, it depends on your budget and whether or not the cost of the deluxe features in the Professional series are worth the higher price.

Shop for Lynx Grills with the BBQ Depot

At BBQ Depot, we’ve been selling Lynx grills since their inception. For over two decades we’ve sold their products. We have extensive experience with their grills and know their parts and accessories by heart. There is noone else who has the experience in repairing Lynx Grills like The BBQ Depot.

Whether you choose the Lynx Professional or Sedona grill, we’re the folks you want to call. Contact us today!

by Tracy Hollander on 17th Apr 2020
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