Best Built-In BBQ Grill Buying Guide for 2023

Nothing says summer like an outdoor kitchen centered around a built-in grill (unless you live in a climate where your lucky enough to enjoy the outdoors all year long). When you enjoy the beauty and fun of relaxing under the blue sky with family and friends, you're living your best life. Your built-in grill is the heart of outdoor entertaining, so you want to make sure you choose from the best built-in grills for your needs.

Making the right choice can feel daunting as there are so many options. You have to figure out the right size, the right fuel type, the right features  and the right accessories — not to mention the right price point. Fortunately, we're here to make it easy for you. We've gone through all the details and all the decisions to narrow down your choices. Take a look at this list of the best built-in bbq grills for 2023.

What to Consider when Buying a Built-In Grill

You have a lot of choices when you're installing a built-in grill. How big should your grill be? What accessories are must-haves for the type of entertaining and cooking you plan to do? What fits your budget? What will your fuel source be? Let's examine each of these important considerations one at a time so you know what you're looking for when you take a look at our suggestions. 

We are a bit biased on the products we recommend. This is because we not only sell grills but we also service them. When hand picking our recommendations, these are based on The BBQ Depot's service and sales teams question test. 1. Where is the grill manufactured? 2. Is it just another Brand or is it a long standing manufacturer? 3. Is the Grill easy to use and repair? 4. How do you maintain the Grill? 5. What is the Grill Warranty?


How many people are you planning to cook for? And how much space do you have available for your built-in grill? These are two primary size considerations when choosing the size of your grill.

If you're only cooking for your immediate family and you're basically using your grill for burgers, hot dogs or an occasional steak, you may be more suited with a small, 26 to 30-inch grill. These have only two to three burners, so there will not be as many options in grilling. 

A medium grill, which can be up to about 36 inches wide, gives you a little more flexibility and typically has three to four burners.

Once you move up to a large grill, about 42 inches wide, you have plenty of room for roasting and indirect cooking as well as adding an infrared searing burner, and you can grill enough burgers for a whole party. Extra-large grills, which start at 54 inches wide, have all the room you need to grill for big family get-togethers, game days and other large gatherings and celebrations. They're also likely to come packed with accessories and extras.

Is the number of burners important when determining the size of grill I should buy? We say no and I will tell you why. Burners come in different shapes and sizes. A straight round tube burner will not cover as much space as a U burner. Keep in mind the burner shape and overall BTU will be more importantant in evaluating the size of grill you need along with how many people you will cook for.

Fuel Type

The two standard fuel types for built-in grills are propane and natural gas. If you have access to natural gas on your patio or deck, this is a great choice. Natural gas grills are always ready to cook with the turn of a dial, and they provide reliable, even cooking.

Most people can't access natural gas easily outside, though, which makes propane the only choice for many. You can fuel your grill with the standard 20lb bbq tank, or if your property and city allow, you may be able to install a larger tank and set yourself up for propane delivery. Propane cooks well, and it's safe to use. You'll just have to deal with the slight inconvenience of replacing your tanks or having them filled throughout grilling season.

PRO TIP : When selecting your grill, check to see if the manufacturer offers conversion kits. This is helpful if you take your grill with you and you may need to change gas types. Many manufacturers are moving away from gas conversions for liability reasons. It is not something that should be performed by the do-it-yourselfer but by a licensed technician. This will ensure your safety.

Class of Grill and Price Point

Built-in grills are available at every price point. That means you can choose between economy or mid-level grills, premium grills that have more features and luxury grills that practically do your cooking for you.

Entry-level grills are highly affordable and easy to use, but they may compromise on the quality of materials to reach that low price point. They typically are small and have fewer features and accessories available than higher-end grills.

Premium grills or mid-luxury are typically made in the USA with commercial-grade stainless steel, and they often come with a lifetime warranty. You'll start to see more interesting options and accessories here, and you can expect reliable performance. But keep in mind, the more bells and whistles aka parts, the more that will need to be replaced. These types of parts are not cover

If you opt for a luxury grill, you'll have unique features that let you do every kind of outdoor cooking imaginable. These grills are especially attractive, ready to serve as the focal point of your entertaining area and they're a lot of fun to cook on as well. Most backyard grillers, though, may not need all the bells and whistles that come at this high price point.


Depending on the level of grill you purchase, you may have a wealth of accessories available to you. As you choose your grill, keep in mind which accessories you're most likely to actually use. There are some really great Outdoor Kitchen Accessories and Appliances that will elevate not only your grilling experience but also your outdoor cooking experience. 

You'll be able to choose between accessories such as:

  • Griddles: Whether you choose a flat-top grill or a drop-in griddle, this accessory lets you cook pancakes and hash browns or even grilled cheese sandwiches right on your grill. This appliance is quickly growing in popularity.
  • Grill thermometers: Many people do not know that in grilling, measuring temperature should be done at the cooking surface. This is where an instant-read thermometer comes in handy to check the inside temperature of steaks. The built-in grill thermometer is good for reference buy it is only measuring the temperature of the circulating air under the hood making your grill more of an oven. Grilling is meant to done with the hood open for fast hot cooking.
  • Sear burners: Check to see if the grill has a sear burner option or can be interchangeable. You get those perfect steakhouse quality sear marks on your meats with one of these add-ons. Pro Tip : Look for a grill where the sear burner is interchangable. This is helpful if you do not like the searing burner or are having a large party where having all blue flame burners is essential.
  • Pizza accessories: Viva Italia. If you are not a griller, you may want to consider an outdoor Pizza Oven as your main appliance. These ovens can do more than bake a pizza. Create some delicious meals in cast iron skillets in there too. If a stand alone pizza oven is not in your budget, add a pizza stone and close your grill's lid and use it as a pizza oven.
  • Rotisserie: Cooking a whole chicken or prime rib becomes easy with a rotisserie attachment, which allows you to slow-roast and take on other indirect cooking.
  • Smoker box: If you love smoky flavors, you can enjoy them with this accessory. Simply soak your chips and drain them and ass to the smoker box. pro Tip: You can also add fresh herbs to your smoker box to infuse additional flavor.
  • Charcoal tray: For those who love that charcoal flavor, this is theaccessory for you. You can actually turn your built-in grill into a charcoal grill with this add-on. In addition, you can add wood chinks to infuse a smoky flavor. This accessory is available in AlfrescoDelta Heat and Twin Eagles Grills.
  • Additional burners: Choose from rust-resistant stainless steel, heavy-duty cast iron, reliable ceramic burners or high-tech, high-heat infrared burners to add to your cooking options, including the ability to cook side dishes outdoors while you're grilling.

Now that you know the basics about choosing the right built-in grill for you, let's take a look at some of the best grills for 2023.

Good Built-In Grills

These entry-level grills will perform reliably without breaking the bank.

Napoleon Built-In 500

Napoleon Built-in 500 Grill

The Napoleon 500 is a solid grill that's available in natural gas and propane models, each of which offers four stainless steel burners and 48,000 BTUs of power. The 500-square-inch cooking area is ample for a family, and an additional 260 square inches provide a spot for you to keep food warm. Napoleon's Jetfire ignition lights burners reliably every time and is designed for safety. Most components on this entry level grill is covered by Napoleons Lifetime Warranty!

Napoleon is known for its wavy sear lines, which create a great look on your foods while also delivering powerful heat retention. You can add a rotisserie kit and rear infrared rotisserie burner to expand your grill's capabilities. Stainless steel sear pans keep food moist and vaporize drippings. Combined with the removable drip pan, that makes for easy cleanup.

Pro Tip : Napoleon does NOT offer conversions kits for their grills. Be certain of your gas type as if you need to switch gas types, you will need to replace the grill.

Napoleon Built-In 700

Napoleon 700 Series Built-in Grill

Offered in 3 sizes 32, 38 and 44 inches, the Napoleon 700 outshines its younger brother with it upgraded features. Its 15,000 BTUs per burner make for all the heat you can handle, and you can verify temperatures with the included temperature gauge. The 32 features 4 main burners, the 38 features 5 main burners and the 44 features 6 main burners. 

Like the 500, this Napoleon grill is manufactured using 304 stainless steel and also delivers the proprietary Jetfire ignition system along with those trademark wavy sear lines. 

Enjoy an added level of safety thanks to the SafetyGlow knobs, which glow red when a burner is turned on. The rotisserie kit and rear infrared rotisserie burner come standard with these models.

Blaze LTE

Blaze 4 Burner LTE Built-in Grill

You can find more good built-in grills in the Blaze LTE line. There are 3 models to choose from 32, 40 and a 32 inche marine grade grill. The 32 inch is a four burner and the 40 inch is a five burner. They are available fueled by propane or natural gas. Basic Blaze LTE grills put out 56,000 BTUs across their four burners, with a rear infrared burner that delivers an extra 10,000 BTUs. Heavy-duty cooking rods imprint strong sear marks on your meat, while heat zone separators let you grill multiple foods at different temperatures. Take advantage of the fast, easy ignition, and grill after dark safely thanks to the grill's interior lights and lighted control knobs.

Cleanup becomes easy thanks to the removable drip pan and the grease control system. A removable warming rack lets you cook in shifts easily, and the double lining of the grill hood keeps all the heat inside where you want it while protecting your grill's outer appearance from discoloration. Those who live in coastal regions may want to choose a Blaze LTE marine-grade grill, designed for protection against corrosion from saltwater.

Better Built-In Grills

With these grills, you're starting to get some luxury features at an affordable price.These grills will also be manufactured in the US by well respected Outdoor Appliance Companies.

Delta Heat

Delta Heat is the affordable luxury, Made in the USA, grill line from the higher-end Twin Eagles brand. Thanks to grills that come in widths of 26, 32 and 38 inch (420, 525 and 625 square inches, respectively), you should be able to feed anyone from a small to a big group with a Delta Heat grill. The heavy-duty lid of these grills traps heat while staying cool to the touch, and smartly designed springs make it easy to lift. With the larger grills, you can upgrade to add a rear infrared grill or an infrared sear grill.

Nighttime grilling is a breeze — and safer — because of the bright halogen lights that illuminate this grill's interior and the blue LEDs inside the knobs. A continuous spark ignition makes it easy to get started, and a built-in thermometer keeps you in control. The stainless steel grates are easy to maintain and clean, and they make nice sear marks on your meat. Depending on your grill's size, you can take advantage of 33,000 to 49,500 BTUs of heat (more with that optional back burner). To give you even more flexibility, the Delta Heat can be installed in a freestanding base instead of as a built-in if you prefer.

Artisan Grills

Artisan ARTP-36 Built-in Grill

Artisan Grills produces a premium line of grills from high-end manufacturer Alfresco. Sizes range from a compact 26 inches wide (perfect grill to replace a DCS 27" Grill. Just add the trim kit) to a huge 42-inch grill that can feed the whole football team at once. You can count on the cool, sleek design of these grills to look great on your patio, and their durable, stainless steel construction should keep you grilling for decades to come. That sleek, rounded hood is double-lined, so it holds in heat well while maintaining its good looks, and the spring-assisted design makes it easy to lift.

The Artisan U-shaped burners put out heat evenly across the whole grill, and the larger grills come equipped with a rear infrared burner and a rotisserie kit. All Artisan Grills are made completely in the United States and offer the best bang for you buck in a affordable luxuty grill. 

The Best Built-In Grills

If you're looking for the best of the best in luxury, high-end features and accessories, you've come to the right place. These luxury products will provide you with the most option in outdoor grills, complimentary appliances including double side burners, power burner, griddles, pizza ovens and more.

Lynx Grills

Lynx L36 Built-in Grill

One of the longest most trusted brands in the industry is Lynx. The have been designing, engineering and manufacturing commercial quality outdoor equipment since the late 90's. These innovative, high-end grills bring delight to professional chefs, so you're likely to love them as well. The design and construction are excellent, with high-end materials and a sense of style used throughout. The grill lid is extra easy to open, and grill sizes range from a petite 30 inches to a whopping 54-inch model. Bright under-hood illumination keeps your grilling area lit at night, and LED knob lights deliver safety and style.

You can configure your burners as you like, choosing between infrared searing burners and ceramic burners. Those ceramic burners deliver powerful, even heat, and the heat stays consistent in most windy conditions. The Trident burners are among the most sensitive and controllable in the grilling world and the standard rear infrared rotisserie burner is extra wide to let you cook long cuts of meat. 

Alfresco Grills

Alfresco ALXE-30 Built-in Grill

Luxury comes to the forefront with Alfresco grills, which are popular in high-end restaurants and backyards alike. These American-made grills offer a wide range of accessories, including food prep stations, built-in pizza ovens and storage compartments. Rotisserie kits come standard with each grill, as do smoker trays and built-in lighting.

Grills range from a smaller 30 inches to a massive 46 inches, and their design typically provides more usable cooking space than other grills of similar widths. Even the 30-inch Alfresco puts out 55,000 BTUs, opening the door to all types of grilling techniques, and the grills are available for both propane and natural gas.

Alfresco particularly shines when it comes to accessories. Choose from refrigerated bases, pasta cookers and fryers, indirect roasting pods, side burners, wind guards and solid fuel inserts that let you grill over wood or charcoal.

Twin Eagles

Twin Eagles grills are known for their fine craftsmanship and luxury details, which include the trademark seamless welds that give these grills such a sleek look as well as soft-closing storage doors. This award-winning company makes all its grills and accessories in the United States. Choose from grills ranging from 30 inches to 54 inches, with a corresponding increase from two to four burners, each of which puts out a blistering 25,000 BTUs. Ceramic briquettes deliver even heat, and hexagonal grates deliver more heat directly to your meats than traditional round grates.

Zone dividers make it easy to cook multiple foods at once with complete control, while a warming rack adjusts to three positions to keep your food hot. Smoker boxes come standard to add that rich taste to meats, and the rotisserie kit (optional on the smaller grills) is powerful enough to roast 100 pounds of meat. Searing burners (again, standard on the larger grill, optional on the smaller ones) help you caramelize meat to perfection. Add a side burner, teppanyaki grill and warming drawers to your grill, as well as refrigerators, keg dispensers and beverage centers to complete the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

If you really want the Best of the Best then the Twin Eagles Eagle One Grill is for you.

The Eagle One is in a luxury class of its own. This Super Premium is only offered in 42 inches and 54 inches. Upgraded features on this grill include exact control illumination on each knob so you will always know just how hot the burner is.

Your own grilling needs and your budget will help you make the final decision as you choose from these best built-in grills. If you start with this list, you can't go wrong. As always, you are wecome to email or call us regarding any of the models and brands.

by Tracy Hollander on 15th Feb 2023
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