Grill Floss Stainless Steel Grid Cleaning Tool

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Will grillfloss fit my grill? The grillfloss was designed to work on round grill grates.

For the past few years we have noticed the trend of barbecue manufacturers moving towards the standard of using round stainless steel grill grates on their grills.

Although the sizes of grill rods vary from one manufacture to the next the industry has figured out that 5/16 inch and 3/8 inch diameters are the way to go for maximum grilling performance.

With that in mind we have the two sizes built into our Dual-Sized Cleaning Head which ships standard with every grillfloss.

All in all if your grill rods are round and roughly the thickness of a standard wooden pencil you're in good shape and the grillfloss is for you.

Where is the Dual-Sized Cleaning Head?

Like the name implies the cleaning head of the grillfloss has two different size openings built into the same blade.

The grillfloss ships ready for use with the "L" size opening while the larger "XL" cleaning head is tucked away in the tube portion of the tool.

To change the cleaning head simply remove the cleaning head from the tool with a philips head screwdiver and fasten back into place with the desired size opening exposed.

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