GrillMat Premium Non Stick Grilling Mat

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Turn your grill into a griddle with the GrillMat. Grill top mats are one of the hottest Grilling Accessories. The Grillmat is a high heat-safe Mat that lies on the top of your cooking grids to stop food from falling through, sticking, or touching the grill. It also prevents flare ups! It's great for grilling all kinds of food including fish, veggies, even breakfast foods like eggs and pancakes.

It is thick. In fact, 30% thicker than most. Simply place on your cooking grates an you will get that grilled flavor AND Grill Marks!

They work on charcoal and gas grills, and are 100% nonstick and easy to clean. 



  1. What is the highest temp my GrillMat 
    • GrillMats are heat safe to 600 degrees F
  2. Is my Griddle Mat reusable? 
    • YES!  And dishwasher safe.
  3. How long do they last?
    • They will last forever with proper care and use. 
  4. What are they made of?
    • GrillMats are made of high heat safe PTFE.
  5. Is PTFE safe?
    • PTFE is used in almost every nonstick cooking pan and is safe when kept below the regulated max temp. 


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