MHP JNR, GJK Stainless Steel Briquette Grate - HHGRATESS

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MHP JNR Stainless Steel Briquette Grate - HHGRATESS


FITS: MHP JNR and GJK Grills

SIZE: 18″ x 13-3/4″

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  1. Long lasting

    Thick sturdy grate. Former one lasted for many years.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 22nd Nov 2022

  2. Like New

    I have rebuilt my MHP grill several times over the past 15 years, but somewhere along the way cut corners by going with the cheaper carbon steel replacement rock grate. This time went with the ss oem grate, and was so glad I did when I removed the cheaper grate which was so badly rusted it almost fell apart. Don’t cut corners! If you are going to put the effort into rebuilding your grill, use oem parts!

    Verified Customer Unknown - 25th Jul 2021

  3. Perfect fit. Good price. Good quality.

    Ordered in Monday, received on Thursday with standard mailing. Got it faster than I thought I would. Thank you.

    Verified Customer Larry White - 22nd May 2021

  4. Solid, Heavy and Durable Stainless Steel Grate

    Have the original grate for over 19 years I have forgotten that is was of stainless steel material. Mother nature and more than plenty of use took its toll on the grate. When you get the best you can assure the best for time and usage. Simply shiny, solid and beautiful. The bar is set pretty high, I can only expect such grate (get it, Great !) results.

    Verified Customer Dean - 23rd Jul 2020

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