Mother Board for Blaze Refrigerator - BLZ-SSR50DH-015


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This Mother Board is for a Blaze Refrigerator Model : BLZ-SSR50HD

For the Blaze 5.2 Refrigerator 



To help ensure you get the correct replacement parts for your Blaze Refrigerator we highly recommend that you measure your original parts and compare them to what we have listed. This is best done with the parts out of the grill.

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  1. Didn’t work

    It’s a shame, but the Blaze refrigerators are not very good. Mine has had three motherboards go bad. The people we have our warranty with refuse to fix it and offered us about $400.00 to go buy a new one. When we do, it will not be a Blaze refrigerator.

    Verified Customer Doug Gillis - 29th Oct 2022

  2. 2nd blaze Motherboard fails-what do I do now?

    Once I was able to order the motherboard(in and out of stock) I easily installed it and the fridge started right up. Within two days the new motherboard started blinking, turning on and off by itself and then finally stopping for good. I think the fridge itself is solid, the motherboard or maybe it's connections are flawed. Something is wrong, not sure what to do next, is there a tech help group for Blaze equipment? Summer is almost here.

    Verified Customer Ted Ludwick - 17th Apr 2022

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