RH3 Rasmussen Smooth-sided Receiver Cover

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RH3 - Ceramic Log House to obscure and protect from heat the receiver portion of your remote control.

Designed to be used with the Rasmussen FireBalls FireShapes and FireStones of their ALTERNA line of contemporary gas fires.
Made from the same materials as our shapes.
Select COLOR to complement the color of your Alterna set.
Picture Shown with top off - receiver NOT included.
Ceramic Stain:

Rasmussen formulates our own proprietary environmentally-friendly ceramic stain colorations which differ from paint in the following qualities:

1) Ceramic Stain produces a transparent non-uniform appearance as it absorbs into the material's pores rather than merely covering the surface of the shape like paint does.

2) Unlike paint Ceramic Stain will not burn away under fire.  Ceramic Stain will age gracefully.

3) Color appearance may vary from piece to piece enhancing the uniqueness of our products.

4) the "Natural" color is the base refractory concrete color as it comes straight from the molds.  No coloration is added.  "Natural" is tannish-gray in color.

Burners, Logs and Accessories are non-returnable items due to restrictions from our distributor. Please be certain of specifications and local building codes prior to ordering.

FINAL SALE. No refunds

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