12 1/2 x 20 1/8, Steel Wire Rock Grate, Charmglow, Kenmore

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Fits Arkla Models : 3501K, 4702K, 4752K, A35AG, A47AE, GA351517, GR30C-4, GR30C-5

Fits Charmglow Models : 10206, 10301, 10309, 10310, 1353S, 13546, 1475M, 14787, 3501K, 351BC, 3551K, 4202K, 475EC, A35AE, A35AG, A47AE, C353B, C354B, C474B, C474E, C474E-1, C484B-1, CG640EP, CG640W, CN640E, CN640EP, CT3402W, E353E, E355M-5, E4734, G344-341, G344-3412, G344-3413, G344-3414, G344-3416, G344-381, G34493415, G424-341, G424-391391, GA351517, GC352517, GC355817, GC455517, GC455817, GS355817

Fits Grill Master Models : AG540E, AG540EB, AG540EP, AG540WB, AT441EPB9, AT540EB, AT540EP9, AT540W, AT540WS, CG441EP9, GG441EB, GG441EP, GG441EP9, GG441EPB, GG441EPB9, GG441EPWB, GG441H, GG441H9, GG441HB, GG441HB9, GG441HPB9, GG441HW, GG540EB, GG540EP, GG540EP9, GG540EPB, GG540EPB9, GG540W, GG540W9, GG540WB, GG540WB9, GG540WPB9, GT441EPB, GT441H, GT441HW, GT540EPB, GT540W, GT540W9, GT540WX9, HG5409EPB, HG540EPB, WG441H9, WG541EPB, WG541HPB9

Fits Kenmore Models : 1077180, 258.1077180

Fits Sunbeam Models : 104960, 104970, 10592, 105920, 105921, 154050, 154600, 154610, 155030, 155031, 155032, 155040, 155200, 155280, 24002, 24102, 2412-0, 24203, 24211, 24224, 2422C, 24301, 24311, 2431C, 2441C, 2442C, 2452C, 24714, 24814, 24824, 2491C, 24924, 2492C, 25201, 25202, 25211, 25214, 2521C, 25221, 25301, 25302, 25303, 25308, 2530A, 25312, 25314, 2531C, 25324, 25413, 25414, 25421, 25423, 25503, 25511, 25512, 2551A, 2551A-1, 25522, 25522-1, 2552C, 25613, 25614, 25819, 3349, 3359-D, 3369 Series, 34212, 34222, 34401, 34402, 351A1, 351BL, 351BL-1, 351CX, 3522E, 3524E, 352B5, 352C5, 35313, 3533A, 3533B, 3538A, 353B2, 35413, 3541S, 3544E, 35501, 3553B, 3554E, 35602, 35608, 35616, 356B1, 356E1, 35713, 3573B, 35A11, 35A11-0, 35A11-1, 35A11-2, 35A1C, 35A1C-0, 35A21, 35A21-0, 35A21-2, 35A4C, 35B21, 35B21-0, 35B21-1, 35B21-2, 35B34, 35B34-0, 35B34-2, 35B3C, 35B3E, 35B3G, 35B3K, 35B41, 35B41-0, 35B41-2, 35D11-0, 35GC8, 35XA1, 35XA3, 35XB2, 35XE4, 3739 Series, 3749 Series, 3759 Series, 3769 Series, 3779-D, 3789, 3799, 3799-H, 3799-L, 37YDG, 37YDJ9, 400CC, 403AC, 404EC, 4700B, 472C5, 472C7, 472C7-1, 472CM, 4739, 4743C, 4743C-1, 4744A, 4744A-1, 4749C, 4749C-1, 474BL, 474D1, 474D1-1, 4754B, 475E7, 475LA, 475LA-1, 4764B, 4764B-1, 4764B-2, 4764C, 4764C-1, 4769, 476C3, 477002D, 4770D, 4774E, 4780D, 4780D-1, 47A43, 47A43-0, 47A43-2, 47A52, 47A52-0, 47A52-2, 47A54, 47A54-0, 47A54-2, 47A5C, 47A5H, 47A5H-0, 47A5H-2, 47B3C, 47B43-0, 47B43-1, 47B54-0, 47B59, 47B59-0, 47B59-1, 47B59-2, 47B64, 47B64-0, 47B64-1, 47B64-2,  47C5E, 47C74, 47C74-0, 47C74-2, 47C7C, 47D64-0, 47D79, 47D79-0, 47D79-2, 47G87-0, 47GD7, 47GD7-1, 47XB2, 47XC5, 47XE3, 47XE4, 47XE7, 520CC, 520CC-1, 523EC, 523EC-1, 524EC, 524EC-1, 55513, 5551A, 55522, 55602, 5560B, 55618, 55708, 55712, 55813, 55818, 5582C, 55918, 67YDJ9, 851132, 851134, 85123, 85222, 8522C, 85323, 8532C, 85423, 85429, 8542C, 85523, 85524, 85528, 8552C, 85623, 85628, 85723, 9330, 9342, 9343, A350E-5, A350K-5, A3543, A354C, A3558, A45, A4754, A475L, AG540E, AG540EB, AG540EP, AG540WB, AT441EPB9, AT540EB, AT540EP9, AT540W, AT540WS, B352C, B353C, B353CL-5, B353CLM-5, B353E, B40, B423S-5, B46, B472C, B473C, B473CL-5, B4744, B4749, B474C, B4754, B475X, B4764, B52, C353B, C353E-5, C353E6, C353F-5, C353K-5, C353S-5, C353W-5, C354B, C358E6, C474B, C474E, C4764, C4774, CG441EP9, D3534, D3553, D3563, D4719, D4779, E353E, E3544, E354C, E3554, E3564, E3574, E4723, E4744, E4753, E475C, E475E, EG5402RPB, GG441EB, GG441EP, GG441EP9, GG441EPB, GG441EPB9, GG441EPWB, GG441H, GG441H9, GG441HB, GG441HB9, GG441HPB9, GG441HW, GG540EB, GG540EP, GG540EP9, GG540EPB, GG540EPB9, GG540W, GG540W9, GG540WB, GG540WB9, GG540WPB9, GS351427, GS352227, GS352327, GS352417, GS352517, GS352527, GS352627, GS355517, GS355617, GS357427, GS357517, GS357527, GS357917, GS359517, GS359527, GS359617, GS452227, GS452617, GS452617L, GS454517, GS454517L, GS454617, GS454627, GS454717, GS454817, GS455427, GS455517, GS455517L, GS455517M, GS457417, GS457517, GS457717, GT441EPB, GT441H, GT441HW, GT540EPB, GT540W, GT540W9, GT540WX9, HG5400EPB, HG5409EPB, HG540EPB, KG6420EPB, SG3400EB, SG3400HB, SG3400HPB, SG3401, SG3401HB, SG3401WB, SG3401WP, SG3402R, SG3402RB, SG3402WB, SG4410H, SG5400EPB, SG5402R, SG5402RB, SG6401R, SG6420EP, SG6420EPB, ST3400EB, ST3401EB, ST3401WB, ST3402RB, ST3402WB, ST5402R, ST5402RB, SUN1A, SUN1B, SUN3, SUN400, SUN402, SUN405, SUN410, SUN415, SUN420, SUN425, SUN426, SUN435, SUN445, SUN449, SUN450, SUN451, SUN455, SUN465, SUN475, SUN485, SUN486, SUN495, SUN498, SUN499, SUN550, SUN576, SUN586, SUN587, SUN588, SUN592, SUN595, SUN597, SUN599, WG3400HB, WG3401, WG3421, WG441H9, WG541EPB, WG541HPB9, WT3400HB

Dimensions : 12.5-in x 20.125-in

Material : Galvanized Steel Wire

To ensure you choose the correct replacement rock grate for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.



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