Viking Invensys 0+6 Re-Ignition Spark Module - PA020048

SKU: PA020048

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Check your Viking Grill Model to be sure this spark module works with your grill.

This Module is WHITE. Be sure yours is WHITE.

Fits Models : CVDSC365-4Q, VDSC367, VGBQ4103RE1, CVDSC365-6B AFTER 9-5-06, VDSC367-4Q AFTER 09-01-06, VGBQ4122RE, CVDSC485-4G AFTER 08-11-06, VDSC367-6B AFTER 08-30-06, VGBQ4122RE1, CVDSC485-4GQ AFTER 08-11-06, VDSC367-6B AFTER 08-30-06, VGBQ4122RE2, CVDSC485-6G, VDSC485-4G AFTER 08-11-06, VGIC367, CVDSC485-6Q AFTER 8-16-06, VDSC485-4GQ AFTER 08-11-06, VGIC487, DGRT360, VDSC485-4GQ AFTER 08-11-06, VGIQ4103RE1, DGRT361-5B, VDSC485-6G, VGIQ4112RE1,  LVDSC365-4Q,  VDSC485-6Q, VGIQ4112RT1SS, LVDSC365-6B AFTER 9-5-06, VDSC485C-6G, VGRT362, LVDSC367-4Q AFTER 09-01-06, VDSC487, VGRT482, LVDSC367-6B AFTER 08-30-06, VDSC487-4G AFTER 06-22-06, VGSC366, LVDSC485-4G AFTER 08-11-06, VDSC487-4GQ AFTER 06-22-06, VGSC367, LVDSC485-4GQ AFTER 08-11-06, VDSC487-4GQ AFTER 06-22-06, VGSC486, LVDSC485-6G, VDSC487-4Q AFTER 07-24-06, VGSC487-4GQ, LVDSC485-6Q, VDSC487-6G AFTER 06-14-06, VGSC487-4K, SVDSC365-6B AFTER 9-5-06, VDSC487-6Q AFTER 07-10-06, VGSC487-4Q, VDSC365-4Q, VGBQ3002RE1, VGSC487-6G, VDSC365-6B AFTER 09-05-06, VGBQ4103RE, VGSC487-6Q

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