Viking Invensys 0+6 Re-Ignition Spark Module - PA020048

SKU: PA020048

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Check your Viking Grill Model to be sure this spark module works with your grill.

This Module is WHITE. Be sure yours is WHITE.

Fits Models : CVDSC365-4Q, VDSC367, VGBQ4103RE1, CVDSC365-6B AFTER 9-5-06, VDSC367-4Q AFTER 09-01-06, VGBQ4122RE, CVDSC485-4G AFTER 08-11-06, VDSC367-6B AFTER 08-30-06, VGBQ4122RE1, CVDSC485-4GQ AFTER 08-11-06, VDSC367-6B AFTER 08-30-06, VGBQ4122RE2, CVDSC485-6G, VDSC485-4G AFTER 08-11-06, VGIC367, CVDSC485-6Q AFTER 8-16-06, VDSC485-4GQ AFTER 08-11-06, VGIC487, DGRT360, VDSC485-4GQ AFTER 08-11-06, VGIQ4103RE1, DGRT361-5B, VDSC485-6G, VGIQ4112RE1,  LVDSC365-4Q,  VDSC485-6Q, VGIQ4112RT1SS, LVDSC365-6B AFTER 9-5-06, VDSC485C-6G, VGRT362, LVDSC367-4Q AFTER 09-01-06, VDSC487, VGRT482, LVDSC367-6B AFTER 08-30-06, VDSC487-4G AFTER 06-22-06, VGSC366, LVDSC485-4G AFTER 08-11-06, VDSC487-4GQ AFTER 06-22-06, VGSC367, LVDSC485-4GQ AFTER 08-11-06, VDSC487-4GQ AFTER 06-22-06, VGSC486, LVDSC485-6G, VDSC487-4Q AFTER 07-24-06, VGSC487-4GQ, LVDSC485-6Q, VDSC487-6G AFTER 06-14-06, VGSC487-4K, SVDSC365-6B AFTER 9-5-06, VDSC487-6Q AFTER 07-10-06, VGSC487-4Q, VDSC365-4Q, VGBQ3002RE1, VGSC487-6G, VDSC365-6B AFTER 09-05-06, VGBQ4103RE, VGSC487-6Q


To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your Viking grill you will need to know the series of your bbq grill.  If you are unsure please email us and or call us we will be able to verify you will be ordering the correct part.  Viking is always improving its products and product lines.  Due to this fact parts may be slightly different than your existing part.  Should you have questions please feel free to contact us.

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