Weber Ignition Kit - Spirit 220/320 Model Year 2013 - 69851

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Weber Ignition Kit Spirit 220/320 Model Year 2013 - 69851 

Trouble Shooting Tips :

1. Try Replacing the battery

2. Check to be sure your igniter wires are securely connected

After you have performed steps 1 and 2, Do you hear a rapid clicking noise when you press the button? If not, the spark generator most likely has failed.

You may also want to be sure your burner port holes are clean and clear by the electrode. This is because if they are clogged the electrode cannot make contact and ignite.

Battery not included

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  1. Easy to install

    I'm not mechanic but this ignition system was very easy to install and worked with no adjustments or problems. Very happy with my purchase

    Verified Customer Mike - 30th Apr 2022

  2. Weber Ignition Kit - Spirit 220/320 Model Year 2013 - 69851

    This is a full kit for the 2013 Weber Spirit with a side burner. Took me about 45 minutes from start to finish. The most awkward part was removing and replacing the main igniter box. I installed the replacement upside down but all the wires were long enough to compensate for my error. Even upside down the unit still ignites perfectly.

    Verified Customer Tom D - 4th Sep 2021

  3. Great

    Fast shipping and very easy to install. Price was cheaper than other places on the internet.

    Verified Customer James Burger Jr. - 25th May 2021

  4. Works like new and easy to install

    I previously tried replacing my battery (a few times) and messing with the connections on my 7+ year old starter, but couldn't get it to spark. I replaced it with this new one and all is well. It was fairly easy to install - just need to pay attention to where the wires go (mostly color coded for ease of connection), and be careful with where you run the wires.

    Verified Customer Kevin Kuhns - 19th Apr 2021

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