Alfresco AGBQ, Vintage Grill Aftermarket Burner Made in the USA (Replaces 510-0025 & 290-0038) - ALBQ1


Lowest Price Guarantee

This Burner Is MADE IN THE USA! Using the same metal content as the OEM!

It is Not An Original Manufactured Part, though it is manufactured to the EXACT specifications of the original AGBQ Burner. It has the peg in front of the burner and has the support bracket that is present on the OEM Burner. This burner will also fit the LX2 and ALXE series grills as the burner sits on brackets that are welded in the back of the firebox, you will ignore the bracket which was used in the AGBQ.

Sold Individually


Fits Alfresco Models : AGBQ, ALX2, ALXE 30, 42, 56 

Fits Vintage Models : Series One (verify dimensions)


Dimensions : approx 18 1/4 x 7 1/2 (width of bar at bottom of burner); 14 3/4 from bottom of peg to bottom venturi.

Material : Stainless steel


If you want an Alfresco manufactured part, use part # 510-0025.


To ensure you choose the correct replacement burner for your grill, remove the original part and comparing it to what we list.

Ask The Experts


  1. Great replacement

    easy r/r 5 minutes and done no issues

    Verified Customer John - 22nd Jun 2022

  2. ALBQ1 Stainless Burners

    I ordered the more expensive burners as the lady said they were made in the US and of higher quality. As I was installing the burners the second day I noticed some slight rust on them so I put a magnet to the burner. It stuck so obviously not much quality stainless in them. I know there are several different grades of ss and obviously this one had very little nickel. Even made in US doesn't get you much these days.

    Verified Customer Skip Hughes - 7th Mar 2022

  3. Looks and feels like the original

    This aftermarket burner looks and feels like the original and fit perfectly. Performance so far is exactly the same as original burner.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 12th Jun 2021

  4. Replacement for a discontinued Kitchenaid grill burner

    Based on previous review and size, I ordered 2 to replace the failed units in my Kitchenaid ( made by Lynx) grill, as stated in the other review, simply a matter of drilling a hole in the bracket of the grill base to accept the pin of the new burner. Works perfectly

    Verified Customer Eddie - 23rd Jan 2021

  5. Improved model

    Fifteen months ago I ordered the same burner. It worked fine up until a few weeks ago when I discovered that it had failed around one of the seems toward the front. A hole had developed approximately 1/8 x 1/2 inch. When I received the new burner, I noticed that it had been reinforced around the seems. Obviously, this was a defect in the previous model that the manufactured has tried to fix. I'll know in about a year or so.

    Verified Customer Howard - 20th Nov 2019

  6. Perfect replacement on my ALX2

    Fit perfectly and works great. My grill is new again.

    Verified Customer Craig - Fort Lauderdale - 23rd Sep 2019

  7. Alfresco burner

    Just received but seems like identical to OEM and excellent quality. It fit perfectly. Hopefully it holds up well over time like the OEM

    Verified Customer Unknown - 18th Apr 2019

  8. Great Company

    BBQ Depot have been fantastic partners. We are a small, boutique firm who cater to the wealthy, who expect great service/results NOW! When Mike & Co heard about our plight (received wrong parts than were ordered), they immediately overnighted needed materials without question.

    Got project done with little fanfare thanks to their professionalism. Will continue to do business with them for years to come.

    5 stars. Exceptional!

    Ron Beaton
    Proprietor of
    Tucson Grill Cleaning LLC

    Verified Customer Unknown - 21st Nov 2018

  9. I am happy with the purchase!!

    There are dimensional issues, which I was able to overcome by drilling a couple of holes, so it is not completely plug and play. Overall quality is very good and works perfectly.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 15th Nov 2018


    I ordered these replacement burners for my Alfresco grill. I tried ordering from the manufacturer and Amazon, but they did not have the right parts. These parts fit perfectly and now my grill works like brand new.

    Verified Customer Tracy D. - 9th Jul 2018

  11. Relacement burners for my 10 yr old Kitchenaid grill

    Two years ago one of the burners had a hole in it and kept flaring up when cooking. Tried to find a replacement from Kitchen aid and no longer available. Patched it with some clamps and made it work. Told my son-in-law about my problem a few weeks ago and he searched and found your burners. They looked right and when I got home, measured original and they were the same size. You product picture and dimensions were spot on.
    Ordered online and appreciated no shipping costs. Received the parts the same week. Needed to drill hole in grill bar to fit the peg on cross bar in back. Total install less than one hr.
    Seems to work like new. Saved getting a new my 10 yr. old Out Door Kitchen.


    Bob A.

    Verified Customer Robert Albrecht - 25th Mar 2018

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