Grill burners mix air with gas in venturi tubes and release the mixture for combustion according to the grill's controls. In cases of harsh damage to the burners, a grill can malfunction, making it completely unusable or even dangerous. Even if your grill burners still function, you can often improve your grilling surface by replacing your burners.

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When To Replace Your Gas Grill Burner

  1. The uniform holes surrounding the burner have merged into larger holes. (This often occurs when the holes become clogged, more gas is forced through fewer holes thereby putting too much pressure on the remaining holes)
  2. You see large flames coming from the top of the burner (or the sides). This means that there may be a break in the burner.
  3. There are any weak points in the material (cast iron, cast stainless, stainless, aluminum) of the burner

Inspect Occasionally

Lighting your grill and having a large flame coming out of your burner can cause a safety issue. You should inspect your burners every few months to be sure that there are no breaks in the burner and port holes.

Do grill burners have a BTU Rating?

One of the biggest misconception we come across when customers are looking for new grill burners is they think they have a BTU rating. A BTU rating is provided in the valve orifice, not the burner. Additional information below.

How To Replace Your Gas Grill Burners

  1. Turn off your gas supply
  2. Remove your cooking grates and heat shields (or briquette trays) whichever your grill uses
  3. Remove the old burner
  4. Install the new burner - Be sure the burner completely covers the valve orifice.
  5. Turn on the gas supply and ignite the burner to be sure it was installed correctly. Look for a blue flame. If your flame is not blue, you may want to adjust the air shutter (if the burner has one) to get a better gas to air mixture. Propane usually has an air shutter more open than natural gas.
  6. Reinstall the heat distribution system and cooking grates

How To Clean Grill Burners

  1. Fully remove the burner from the grill
  2. Take a grill brush or a stainless scrubber and clean off the debris (DO NOT USE ANY LIQUID)
  3. Take a small drill bit and clear all of the gas port holes around the burner
  4. Use a venturi brush to clear any spider webs
  5. Shake out any left over debris from the tube
  6. Reinstall your Burner

Grill Burner Materials

There are many different styles of gas grill burners for every grill out there. Some of the most popular materials used to make burners include stainless steel and cast iron, and burners sometimes come coated in aluminum or porcelain for an extra shine finish and easy cleanup.

Each of these materials is perfectly capable of handling the stresses of long grilling and use - not to mention that the different materials can give your grill a distinctive style. With strong stainless steel or cast iron parts, you can turn your old and worn out grill into a lean, mean grilling machine.

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