11 5/8-in x 17 1/4, Steel Wire Rock Grate

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Dimensions : 11 5/8-in x 17 1/4-in

Material : Galvanized Steel Wire


To ensure you choose the correct replacement rock grate for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.

Ask The Experts


  1. Perfect!

    The rock grill is an after-market product for my grill. The grill company could not provide one for me. After careful measurements of old grill and matching on BBQDepot website, perfect fit. In my case, the brand of my grill isn't in the product description, but the size measurements are exact.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 4th Jan 2018

  2. Does not fit my Aussie grill

    My mistake for ordering product because it does not fit my Aussie grill that I originally purchased in April of 2003.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 12th May 2017

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