42" Built-in Grill Comparisons

Twin Eagles 42" Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most popular sizes in Outdoor Built-in Grills is the 42". This is because these are large and powerful grills are great for the frequent entertainer.

There are few manufacturers (Made in the USA) that design this size in their product line up. These Brands include : Alfresco, Lynx, Sedona, Twin Eagles and Solaire. 

This grill is a great size for larger families and those that cook outdoors often.

In all of these Grills you can get all open (blue) flame burners, a combination of a sear burner and open flame and with Lynx and Solaire you can have all infrared.

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42" Grill Comparison

Affordable Luxury (under $3500), Mid-Lux (under $4,700) and Uber Luxury ($5000 and over)

All of the Grills we mention are available in a Freestanding models if you are not in the market for a Built-in.

We chose not to include imported grills as they generally do not offer a 36" model and cannot compare in quality, safety and features of a US manufacturer.

Affordable Luxury

Only one, Made in the USA,  high quality grill to look at. The Sedona by Lynx.

1. Sedona by Lynx L600 - starting at $3,429

Sedona by Lynx 42" L700 Built-in Grill

The Sedona by Lynx is the most powerful grill in the affordable luxury class. It features three stainless U burners at 23,000 BTUs per burner for a total of 69,000. 

This three burner grill is offered in 4 configurations:

1. L700 - 3 stainless U burners (no rotisserie back-burner)
2. L700PS -  stainless U burners and prosear (no rotisserie back-burner)
3. L700R - 3 stainless U burners (rotisserie back-burner)
4. L700PSR -  stainless U burners and prosear (rotisserie back-burner)

Add some amazing complimentary products including a side burner or refrigerator and take your family dinners outdoors!

Sedona Grill Burners and Cooking Grates are warrantied for the Lifetime of the Original Purchaser


1. Solaire AGBQ/IRBQ-42 - starting at $4,677

    Solaire AGBQ-42 Built-in Grill

Solaire AGBQ/IRBQ is a super powerful grill manufactured in California by Rasmussen. 

The AGBQ has a rotisserie back-burner and the IRBQ does not.

There is the most burner configurations in the Solaire then the competition. Their Convection Burners are traditional U Shaped) Open Flame Burners that feature 27,500 BTUs. The U Burners utilize a Vaporizer Tray to spread the flames across the cooking surface. The ignition system is a 9 volt battery operated.

At anytime you change your mind on your burner configuration, you can swap out any infrared burner for a convection or vice versa. The only con about Solaire is their line of complimentary products is limited in comparison to Sedona or the Uber Luxury Grills.

This three burner grill is offered in 8 configurations:


1. All Infrared (no rotisserie back-burner)
2. InfraVection 1 Infrared - 2 Convection Burners (no rotisserie back-burner)
3. InfraVection 2 Infrared - 1 Convection (no rotisserie back-burner)
4. All Convection U burners (no rotisserie back-burner)


1. All Infrared (rotisserie back-burner)
2. InfraVection 1 Infrared - 2 Convection Burners (rotisserie back-burner)
3. Infravection 2 Infrared - 1 Convection (rotisserie back-burner)
4. All Convection U burners (rotisserie back-burner)

Add some amazing complimentary products including a side burner or refrigerator and take your family dinners outdoors!

Uber - Luxury

An Uber luxury outdoor appliance is for the person that only the BEST will do! They will provide you the most amazing engineered and designed outdoor appliances money can buy along with a commercial quality world class cooking experience.

These grills have all the bells and whistles you can imagine. They offer amazing complimentary components to create a world class outdoor kitchen.

1. Top on our list is the: Lynx 42" Grill - starting at $6,489

Lynx L42 Built-in Grill

This three burner grill is offered in 4 configurations:

1. 3 cast ceramic burners
2. 2 cast ceramic burners and one trident
3. All trident burners
4. Wi-Fi SMART Grill with 3 Trident Burners

The cast ceramic burner is a self cleaning, cordiarite burner that cooks more even than any burner on the market. Ceramic Briquette trays evenly distributes the 25,000 BTUs evenly across your cooking surface. (The Trident Burner has 23,000 BTUs).

The look of this appliance is a sleek, eye-catching piece of outdoor equipment! Put it together with the Sonoma Smoker or Power Burner and create an ultimate grilling center! Shop our specially curated number 1 selling outdoor appliance package! You will be the envy of the neighborhood.

The electronically powered hot surface ignition is so reliable and easy to repair!. 

With one of the industry's best warranty coupled with top class customer service, you will see why Lynx Tops our list. 

We have been a Lynx Dealer since the grill was introduced in 1999. 

We know more about these grills (features, troubleshooting and parts) than anyone around!

2. Alfresco ALXE-42 - Starting at $5,669

Alfresco ALXE-42 Built-in Grill

This Grill is offered in 2 configurations :

1. All Open (Blue) Flame Burners

2. 2 Blue Flame Burners, One Sear Zone

Manufactured in California, this Elegantly designed grill features beautiful amber back-lit knobs and 3 burners.  Alfresco's unique integrated smoking system that has a dedicated burner and smoker drawer for wood or herbs.

The self-cleaning ceramic briquettes lock into place allowing. Turn the burners on high and turn trays over. Ignition is powered by a 110v electricity. 

Impressive 2 year warranty on Entire Grill PLUS Lifetime warranty on burners, cooking grates and firebox.

Complete your outdoor kitchen with Alfresco's extensive line of coordinating equipment including : Doors and Drawers, Versa Power Burner, Pizza Over, Sealed Dry Pantries, Commercially-inspired refrigeration systems or Food warmers.

3. Twin Eagles TEBQ-42 - Starting at $5,669

Twin Eagles TEBQ-42 Built-in Grill

This ultra contemporary three burner grill is available in 3 configurations:

1. TEBQ-42G - 3 stainless U burners (no rotisserie back-burner)

2. TEBQ-42R - 3 stainless U burners with rotisserie back-burner

3. TEBQ-42RS 3 stainless U burners (rotisserie back-burner)

Twin Eagles is such a beautifully sleek modern designed outdoor grill.  We love you have the option to swap out a U burner for a Sear Zone Kit any time you want juicy caramelized food or vice versa. 

The Cooking Grates are hexagon shaped to create more food to surface contact. 

Twin Eagles offers some really awesome complimentary outdoor appliances to complete your kitchen. 

We love the Salamangrill Outdoor Pizza Oven. All of the access storage doors from Twin Eagles are soft closing. 

Save time an choose a Popular 42" Twin Eagles Outdoor Appliance Package

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by Tracy Hollander on 19th Apr 2019
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