AOG 36" Grill Review

AOG 36" T Series without Rotisserie -00SP

AOG (American Outdoor Grill) 36" Grill - Made in the USA

American Outdoor Grills (AOG) are beautifully designed grills that are manufactured by Fire Magic, in the USA (so you can feel comfortable you are purchasing a grill backed by a Premium Brand). 

At pricing starting at $1,993.50, we cannot see any reason why you would choose an imported grill over this one!

From the moment you lift the hood of this grill, you can feel the quality of the commercial grade stainless construction. The sleek design of the rounded hood and contoured control panel will enhance the aesthetics of any outdoor kitchen.

It offers premium construction and features at a budget friendly price. There are three sizes - 24", 30" and 36" and all models can be built-in to an outdoor kitchen or on a portable cart.

We are going to review the 36" Grill that is available in Two Series - T and L 

36" T & L series features listed below.

See our Comparison between the 36" T vs L series

The 36" Grill Standard features :

  • 304 Stainless Construction on the Grill Hood and Body
  • Three 304 Stainless U Burners (warrantied for the lifetime of the original purchaser)
  • 50,000 BTUs of Power
  • Vaporizer panels to evenly disperse the heat
  • Diamond Sear Cooking Grids (found on FireMagic Grills) 
  • Heavy Duty Warming Rack for placing freshly grilled food away from the flame and heat
  • Seamless oven hood with polished edges
  • Analog Thermometer that reads interior oven temperatures up to 1000° F
  • 10" Stainless Drip Tray for keeping grease and debris in a small contained area
  • Lid Bumpers on the front and back of the hood
  • OPTIONAL - 12,000 BTU Rotisserie Backburner (not on models with -00SP)

T Series :AOG 36" T Series with Rotisserie

The T series includes all the features mentioned above, but does not have all the bells and whistles though it does have the performance of premium grills. It is a great grill if you do not have electricity readily available or do not want to have the added expense. It features flame thrower valves that have a "Rapid Light” piezo ignition system so there is no need for batteries or electricity. It is available  with or without a rotisserie back-burner as well as built-in or on a portable cart. If performance is what you are looking for, choose the T series!

L Series :  AOG 36" L Series with Rotisserie

The  L series includes the addition of many luxury features such as Blue LED Back-lit control knobs, Halogen interior lights (for night-time grilling) and an independent Electronic push button ignition. You can also add an Optional Plug and Play Infrared Sear Burner to seal in juices and caramelize your food!

If you are building and outdoor kitchen, there are many accessories you can add including  side burnersrefrigerator and doors or drawers. Add a stainless griddle to your grill and cook breakfast and lunch outdoors. Make pancakes or grilled cheese on this accessory.

If you are building your outdoor kitchen in any type of combustible material, you must add a  36" insulating jacket to protect the material from the heat and potentially igniting.

Always remember to protect your investment with a form fitting  36" Grill Cover.

If mobility suits your needs, choose a portable cart model. The AOG freestanding units with Grills that have Rotisserie Backburners also feature a Flush mounted 12,000 BTU side burner so you can boil water or heat sauces. (-00SP Grills do not have the side burner)

We, at The BBQ Depot, are super impressed with the quality, price, warranty and features the AOG 36" has to offer. We are loving that the Diamond Sear cooking grates are now included in the AOG. They used to only be featured on the FireMagic Grills. The beauty of these heavy-duty grates is you have more food to surface contact.

Bottom Line - This grill has the look of a luxury appliance with a price that will suit any budget. You will not be disappointed!

Contact us to help put together an AOG appliance package customized to your needs.

by Tracy Hollander on 25th Apr 2019
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