Artisan by Alfresco American Eagle vs Professional Series

The Difference between the Artisan American Eagle & Professional Series Grills

We love the Artisan Line of Affordable Luxury Grills manufactured in the USA by Alfresco.

The BBQ Depot has always been a big supporter of Artisan because it offers the quality and features you expect from a luxury US appliance manufacturer at prices often only seen in imports.

Offered in 2 series : American Eagle and Professional Series.

Before Artisan was introduced to the market, your only choice for an Outdoor Built-in Appliance was either a high priced Luxury Grill or Low Quality Imports. There wasn't much to offer in-between.

American Eagle

The American Eagle series is offered in three sizes : 26" (2 U Burners), 32" (3 U Burners) and 36" (3 U Burners)

Professional series

The Professional series is offered in two sizes : 32" and 36" both with 3 Main U Burners

All of the Grills can be Built-in or on a Freestanding Cart

Whether Building in a Grill or choosing a Freestanding Model, Artisan offers a sleek design with high quality features in a Grill that is Manufactured in the USA!

See below the info-graphic comparing the features.

Artisan by Alfresco American Eagle vs Professional Series

Both series share many of the same features :

Artisan Grill U Burner

1. Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel U Burners featuring 20,000 BTU's of Power. Dual Rows of Ports create evenly distributed high temperatures.

Artisan by Alfresco Locking Briquette Tray 

2. Artisan features a Refractive 5 Way Heat Distributing Briquette Tray System with Lock bar. These briquette trays are self cleaning. Simply turn your tray over and turn your burners on high for a few minutes.

3. The Grilling system is a Heavy-duty special non-stick electro-polished stainless steel rod cooking grates.

4. The exclusive control panel air curtain (also found on Alfresco Grills) allows air to naturally flow between the control panel and the firebox. This keeps the knobs cool to the touch. 

Artisan Hood Assist

5. All Artisan Grills come standard non corrosive spiral torsion spring hood assist.

What set these Two series apart?

The Professional Series comes standard Electrical Features including a Rotisserie Back Burner, Internal Halogen Lights, 110v Electric Ignition and LED Lit Control Knobs.

The American Eagle requires no electricity and therefore none of those electrical features.

What we love about the grill is it is manufactured from all commercial-grade 304, 18-8 stainless steel, helic-arc hand-welded seams and no mechanical fasteners.

You also have the ability to plug and play burners with the Infrared Sear Burner. It has 20,00 BTU's of caramelizing power. Just pull out one of your Stainless U Burners and replace it with the Sear Burner. 

When building an outdoor kitchen, choosing high quality equipment is so important. Artisan has everything you need including doors, drawers, side burners and more!

For DCS 27" Grill Owners that want to replace their grill, we have a Special Trim kit for the AAEP-26 that will make this built-in a perfect fit!

Warranty :

15 years – Stainless U Burners.
10 Years – All Stainless Steel Parts.
3 Years – Ceramic Briquette Trays (excluding briquettes)
1 Year – Ignition Systems (Excluding Batteries), Side Burners, Rotisserie Motors and Thermometers.

The price point on these USA Manufactured Grills cannot be Beat! Choose a Basic Artisan 26" Outdoor Appliance Package!

The BBQ Depot is an authorized dealer and service provider (these grills are super easy to repair) for Artisan!

by Tracy Hollander on 26th Feb 2019
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