Alfresco Artisan Infrared Sear Burner - ART-ISB

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Turn up the heat by add an Optional Infrared burner for searing your meat to your Artisan Gas Grills. Easily switch this burner for the standard U Burner.

How to Install the Artisan ARTP-ISB Sear Zone Burner

  1. Remove the cooking grates, briquette tray from the left side of the grill and set aside
  2. Remove the Stainless U burner
  3. Remove the collector box and electrode (TIP : when removing the electrode from the wire, hold the wire so it does not fall behind the control panel. You do not want to have to open the control panel if you do not need to)
  4. Feed the wire to through the bottom hole. (The shape of the electrode for the sear zone is different.) Pull the wire through and connect the sear zone electrode. Pull the heat protective sleeve over the connection. You will NOT need a collector box for this electrode as it sits in the opening of the mesh.
  5. Insert the infrared sear burner. (TIP : you may need to wiggle the burner to get it through the hole and seated over the orifice.)
  6. Do not put back the ceramic briquette tray. Put the ceramic briquette tray, electrode and collector box and burner aside (for potential future use).
  7. Replace the cooking grate and your ready to sear.
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