Best Freestanding Grills under $1000

Best Bang for your Buck - Which are the Best Freestanding Grills under $1000?

We are going to give you our top four picks for the BEST Grills on a Freestanding Movable Cart under $1000. We want to be sure to educate you (regardless if you purchase from us or not) on the Best Grills you should put your money into. You're going to spend it now or spend it later. It is a matter of whether or not you want to go through the hassle of throwing grills away (which is not good for our environment) or purchase a good quality product that you can have for years!

Why Did we choose MHP, Napoleon, Weber and Broil King?

These grills offer product support! This is how we gauge the products we sell (and have sold). We get calls all over the country with customers looking for parts on Brinkmann, Dyna-Glo, Backyard Grill, Nexgrill and more of the popular imported Grills in the Big Box Stores. More often than not, the only parts you can get is what is offered in the aftermarket (burners, cooking grates, heat plates, some ignition). You will rarely find Drip Trays which is a common needed part. I can tell you we have to turn away many disgruntled and frustrated customers when we cannot support these products with parts.  

1. MHP JNR on Open Cart

Made in the USA  since 1957. Most people have not heard of MHP. The company was founded under the trade name Charmglow. In 1960, the Kozial family introduced the worlds first gas grill named Perfect Host. There are still family owned today. 

The design of the grill has not changed much through the years. It the old saying ... If its not Broke, Don't fix it. 

MHP JNR on Open Cart

The MHP JNR starts at $917 and features a patented H burner that has dual controls and 30,000 BTU's. The Hood is made of a Cast Aluminum that is warrantied for life! Their cast aluminum and commercial grade 304 stainless steel design withstand the elements better than any other material. Aluminum is the most rust-resistant metal. 

Choose from either stainless steel rod cooking grates or Sear Magic. The SearMagic Grids are a dual sided grid that heats up faster and cooks food at an even temperature. Use the Smooth Side grill delicate foods, such as fish or vegetables and the Ribbed Side steaks and burgers. This grill uses a Stainless Rock Grate that holds Ceramic Briquettes for Greater Heat retention.

This Grill will not Disappoint with its Hot Temperatures and Amazing Heat Retention. Though it does not have all the bells and whistles of the all stainless grills, keep in mins that the more "electrical" options on the grill, the more there is to break. 

Are you looking for function or features? This grill provides the ultimate in function with the most basic features.

NOTE : We recommend this grill as it is the Brand I have at my Home. I have the WNK which is a little larger and heats to 40,000 BTUs. This grill is the most simple grill to maintain and repair. I can choose from any grill in the market and my choice was the MHP. It delivers consistent heat, even grilling and superior quality!


1. Made in the USA

2. Family Owned since 1957

3. Hot Temperatures 

4. Even Heat Distribution

5. Lifetime Warranty - Housing, Cooking Grates and Burners


1. Does not have all the Bells and Whistles (Lights, etc)

2. Looks like a Grill from the 60's

3. Smaller Main Grilling Area - 365.5 sq in

2. Broil King Regal S420 Commercial

Broil King Regal S420 Commercial

Broil King is manufactured by Onward Manufacturing based in Canada. Onward has a longstanding history in manufacturing (since 1904). In 1984, the company began the manufacturing of Arkla gas grills. They purchased assets Jacuzzi gas grill in 1986 and these were the basis for the Broil King line. 

The Regal S420 Commercial grill is a new product for 2019 and we feel this design is brilliant. 

This heavy duty open cart features 4 Dual Tube Burners with a total of 50,000 BTUs, Heavy duty 9mm solid stainless steel rod cooking grates and stainless flavor wave plates. 

This grill is $999 and has a lifetime warranty on the cook box and 10 years on the burners, cooking grates and flavor wave plates.

We feel that this is the best overall grill in the Regal Series when ultimate performance is key! Be sure to not to miss  Broil King's many other grills under $1000 in their Baron and Sovereign Lines.

All the Imperials, Regals and Barons are made in Huntington, Indiana and Sovereigns, Signets and Monarchs are made in Ontario, Canada.

You will always be able to get replacement parts for the grills!


1. Made in USA

2. Backed by Broil Kings warranty

3. Family Owned


1. Does not have all the Bells and whistles

3 Napoleon Rogue 365

Napoleon Rogue 365

Napoleon is a Canadian Company often dubbed the "Weber" of Canada. This is because it is a household name and family owned. The Rogue and the LEX series in the Napoleon lineup are imported. Only the Prestige series is North American Made (in Canada)

The Rogue 365 is a two burner grill that has 28,000 BTUs of power and a cooking area of 18 x 20.25 inches. This Grills starts at $549.

There is also a 3 Burner (425) and 4 Burner (525). Most of these models are under $1000 except the Rogue 525 with Side Burners. Unless you should need Natural Gas and the price on all the grills increase.

All of the Rogue Grills have Porcelain Coated Wave Cooking Grates, Tube Burners and Jetfire (Flame Thrower) Ignition. The Heat distribution system is a porcelain coated sear plate. Metal is not a good heat conductor though the cast iron grates make up for that heat retention. 

See why we prefer Briquettes over Heat Plates

Warranty :

Stainless steel tube burners - 10 years full coverage, plus 50% off until the 15th year

Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grids - 5 years full coverage, plus 50% off until the 15th year


1. Great Value

2. Backed by Napoleons 15 Year Warranty

3. Does Not Require Electricity or Batteries

4. Family Owned


1. Imported

2. Flame Thrower Ignition - If you need an electrode replacement, you have to change the entire valve.

3. You can feel the difference in quality in comparison to the Prestige

4. Weber Genesis II E-310

Weber Genesis II E-310

Weber Stephens has been manufacturing grills forever... since 1952 with their kettle charcoal grill that is still around today!

For many years the only Weber Grill that was imported was the Spirit. When they were purchased, they began to move the Genesis overseas. As an authorized service provider for Weber, we see a number of increased of service issues with the Genesis II series. The only grill still manufactured in Illinois is the Summit.

The E-310 is an open cart three burner grill that has 13,000 Btu's per burner. It features 513 sq in of main grilling space along with porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates. It also features Weber's legendary stainless flavorizer bar heat distributing system.

The Spirit Line is also a great consideration. It offers the same warranty as the Genesis and provides great value.

We always recommend the enameled hood as we feel it holds up better in the tough South Florida Climate. The enameled coating is super thick and easy to clean. The stainless hoods would often pit here.

We have always loved Weber as we can replace parts for original 1985 Genesis Grills.


1. Great Value

2. 10 Years

3. You can always count on Weber


1. Imported (Except for the Summit)

2. Be sure you know the gas type you need. You will NOT be able to convert them.

3. More service calls than in the Genesis past

What about the other Brands in the Big Box Stores?

There are certainly more brands out there found at Big Box Stores. Who actually manufactured them? Are they just names put on a grill (that you and I can do)?

If you are going to shop for your grill at any Big Box Store or even on Amazon choose Weber, Napoleon or Broil King!! Stay away from the private labeled grills!

Keep in mind we choose grills that are backed by a Companies that manufacture grills, not just import (Dyna-Glo, Nexgrill, Jenn-Air, and more) them and put a name on it. 

Those private label grills provide little (short lived) to no support. If you are going to spend over $300 on a grill, we believe that there should be parts availability on that frequently disintegrate including burners, heat plates, cooking grates and grease trays. We see this is not the case on many grills.


We feel the best overall quality, warranty and value goes to MHP! They have been building grills longer than anyone! Though it may not be the most pretty grill it provides outstanding results. 

What good is your grill if it looks pretty and grills lousy?

I love my MHP WNK and would recommend this grill hands down over the competition.

Why Trust Us? 

Whether you purchase your next grill from us or not, we will always offer our unbiased advice given our history with the brand, quality and reliability. We do not receive any compensation from these brands to offer our review. 

We would only receive compensation on a grill we sell and more often then not, it is more advantageous for a customer to buy a Weber locally. 

Grills are all we do! Sell and Repair them since 1956. 

We have carried all of these Brands at one time or another. We would love to carry them all!

(We currently carry MHP and Napoleon and can order Weber and Broil King on special order). 

by Tracy Hollander on 6th Jul 2019
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