Which Grills are Made in the USA?

Celebrate America! With the 4th of July right around the corner, there is no better time than for us to put together a list of the Outdoor Grilling Equipment that is Manufactured in the USA. 

Grills that are Made in the USA

USA Grill Manufacturers

1. Alfresco

2. American Outdoor Grill (AOG) - Manufactured by RH Peterson. Lifetime warranty on Burners.

3. American Muscle Grill

4. Artisan

5. Broilmaster

6. Challenger Designs

7. Delta Heat

8. Finex - Cast Iron Cookware for the Grill

9. FireMagic

10. Heston

11. Kalamazoo

12. Lynx

13. MHP Chefs Choice - These aluminum head grills will last forever!!

14. PCM

15. Phoenix

16. ProFire

17. Sedona by Lynx

18. Solaire

19. TEC

20. Twin Eagles

21. Weber Summit (Globally Sourced Parts)

There are definitely more including Broil King, MAK Grills, Memphis, Viking and Wolf. This list are products we have had experience with either through selling or servicing over the years. Let us know if we missed one.

Why buy Gas Grills Manufactured in the USA? 

There are many reasons including:

1. Supporting our economy 

2. Job Security

3. Manufacturing Standards on Gas Products manufactured in the US are subject to higher standards and laws. We can essentially import anything. We have seen countless of imported gas products manufactured to standards that are unlawful in the US.

4. Access to service, warranty and replacement parts. This is important as there is nothing more frustrating than not having parts available.

5. Quality of Manufacturing - US manufacturers are able to have control over the quality of their manufacturing when it is performed at their location. They do not have to wait until the product lands in the US.

6, Long Lasting Products - We service Weber Grills from 1985 that are in incredible shape. Firebox in perfect condition.

7. Performance Consistency 

Did you know the first Delta Heat Grill was manufactured in China? Due to Performance and Quality Consistency that Twin Eagles Founder Dante Cantel expected, he brought the manufacturing back to the US so he could maintain quality control.

Are these Grills worth the Price?

100%. We have not seen a recall on a US Manufactured Grill in years. There are hundreds of thousands of Grills imported from China that are recalled year over year.

Here are a list of some of the Brands that are Imported (China) 

1. Beefeater

2. Blaze

3. Blue Rhino

4. Bonfire

5. Bull

6. Charbroil

7. Coyote

8. DelSol

9. DCS

10. Dyna-Glo

11. GE (newer models)

12. Grand Hall

13. Jenn-air - Licenses their name to be put on imported Grills

14. Kenmore

15. Kitchen Aid - Licenses their name to be put on imported Grills

16. Lion

17. Members Mark

18. Napoleon Rogue and LEX

19. Nexgrill

20. Saber

21. Summerset Sizzler and TRL

22. Traeger

23. Turbo

24. Vintage

25. Weber Spirit and Many Genesis Models (older Genesis Grills were Made in the USA)

and Many more brands in Big Box Stores including Better Homes & Gardens, Brinkmann, Charmglow, Dyna-Glo, Perfect Flame, more

You and I can put our name on a gas grill. While attending the grill show, there are countless Chinese manufacturers with grills on display with signs "Put your name here"

Why Should you consider avoiding Imported Products?

1. Manufacturing, Environmental and Labor Standards. Many of the practices used in other countries are not good for our environment!

2. The frustration of not having Access to Parts - Grease (Drip) Trays, Valves, Manifolds, Knobs, wheels, body parts are just some of the parts you may not be able to replace. Many of the parts are only available in the aftermarket (burners, heat shields, cooking grates). Remember when you import products, you are subject to minimum quantity orders. When you have dozens of models using the same burners and heat shields, meeting that MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is easier than other replacement parts that are specific to model sizes.

3. No commitment to Manufacturing Equipment. When you subcontract your manufacturing, you are relying on them to stay in business and have quality and consistent manufacturing. Often, if they change equipment, the engineering of your grill model will change thus making replacement parts obsolete.

Case in point : We had a customer with a Bull Built in Grill and they needed a new manifold. Due to changes in design, this part was no longer available and the grill became garbage. Manifolds are not universal. They are the pipe that holds the valves and is an important part to safely operate a grill. A part like this that is not available, renders your gas grill inoperable.

What are the replacement options? Often there is no replacement and modification of the outdoor kitchen and countertop will need to be modified creating a huge expense. This situation rarely occurs in a US manufactured product. More often than not, 2 grills of the same size will have different "cutout" dimensions.

4. Many of these grills are considered throw aways

5. The Brand names on these grills are not the manufacturer and there is noway to get hold of the manufacturer. We see this often. These imported grills are essentially private labeled. Big Box stores find a grill they want to put a name on and then provide little to no support.

6. With recent tariffs on imported products, you may not be saving much. Now your'e paying a premium on outdoor appliances that are inferior to US product.

7. Product Recalls - there are significantly more grill recalls on imported products than US Made

Are all imported grills bad? They are not bad... but they are definitely not as good as a US manufactured grill. 

You can feel the quality difference. We do sell some imported brands including Summerset and Blaze. This is because these brands have shown product support (It may take months and months for parts) but they eventually become available. But with that, there are definitely quality issues as well as manufacturing choices that are not as easy to replace. For example, these grills use flame thrower valves. If you need to replace your ignition electrode, you will have to replace the entire valve. This creates a large expense for a inexpensive part. Since the electrode is built in to the valve, there is not a replacement for it.

We can go on and on about each individual brand ... Since a large part of our business besides new grill sales is Service and Replacement Parts, we are put in the difficult position of explaining to customers why there is not product support for their grills. 

Even Though Weber is importing many of their grills, you still can find replacement parts and support for most of their products.

We have had to make the difficult choice of not displaying imported grills in our showroom. When we display a grill and a customer purchases that grill, they hold us accountable for the quality of the product. Due to the many inconsistencies, we had no alternative but to display products we can stand behind.

You will either spend it now or spend it later. How many imported grills do you want to throw away before you exceed the money that could have been spent on a quality US made product?

Trust our experience and knowledge. We have been selling and repairing grills since 1956! 

Please let us know if there is a brand we may have missed.

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