Blaze Outdoor Grill Comparisons

You have stumbled across Blaze Outdoor Grills and not sure the differences between the Traditional, LTE and Professional. We are going to break it all down for you. 

All of the Blaze Grills are available as Built-in or have an optional cart for portability. 

Common Features in all of the Blaze Grills are the Heat Zone Separators, Flame Thrower Ignition and Flame Tamers (Flame Stabilizing Grids). 

The Removable Heat Zone Separators are great because they allow you to Create varying temperature zones within the grill. Some foods require different heat settings. Having "Zones" allow you to keep the heat in that area. For example, if you are only grilling burgers, you may want to take the separators out so you have your desired heat setting across the grill. This will provide more even heat. But, if you are grilling burners and fish. You may want the burgers grilling at a higher temperature than the fish. The separators will keep the different temperatures isolated in their zone.

The ignition system is a Push and Turn Flame Thrower Primary Ignition w/ Backup Flash Tube for manually lighting. When you push in the control knobs, gas goes through the valve orifice at the bottom of the metal electrode tube and lights the burner. What we do not like about this ignition is that if you have to replace the electrode... you cannot. An electrode is a common replacement part. The entire valve needs to be changed. This particular part has a one year warranty. If you ignition stops working, there are flash tubes. Gas will flow into those flash tubes so that when you use your lighter, the grill will ignite. This is a great feature because we all have the fear of putting our hands close to the burner with a lighter. The flash tubes keep you at a safe distance.

The heat dispersing system in all of the Blaze Grills is what they call Flame Stabilizing Grids. They are essentially stainless flame tamers that spreads the flame from the burners across the cooking area. Metal is not a good heat conductor which is why we prefer ceramic briquettes. Think of how the Big Green holds heat. It is their ceramic body. Ceramic absorbs the heat and holds on to it even when the burners are turned to low. They continue to radiate heat across the cooking surface thus being the most effective way to reduce cold or hot spots.

Blaze Traditional

Blaze 4 Burner Built in Grill with Rotisserie

The Traditional Series is a Budget Friendly Grill with some decent features. 

The cooking grates are heavy duty 8mm Stainless Steel Rods. In order to distribute the flame across the cooking surface, this grill uses Metal Flame Tamers. The burners are cast stainless pipe burners that provide 14,000 BTU's per Burner. These grills feature a rotisserie 10,000 BTU infrared back-burner but does NOT include the Rotisserie Kit (Motor, Spit Rod, Forks)

Models : 

1. BLZ-3 - This is a  25", 3 Burner Grill with a total main burner BTU of 42,000 and 560 sq in of Cooking Surface.  $1,349.99

2. BLZ-4 - This is a 32", 4 Burner Grill with a total main burner BTU of 56,000 and 740. sq in of Cooking Surface. $1,699.99


Budget Friendly

Impressive Warranty

Replace a Cast Stainless Burner with a sear burner with the optional BLZ-IRN for $89.99.

Cons :

Manufactured in China

Uses Flame Tamers as a Heat Distributing System (check out the Summerset Sizzler Series. They use Ceramic Briquette Trays)

Blaze LTE

Blaze 32" LTE Built-in Grill

The Blaze LTE is their mid range grills that is a fancier Traditional Series with 3 essential upgrades. It features internal halogen lights, Red LED lights on the control panel and 9mm Stainless steel Triangular Cooking Grates.

Models : 

1. BLZ-4LTE2 32" 4 Burner Grill with 740 sq in cooking surface. $1,849.99

2. BLZ-4LTE2MG 32" 4 Burner Marine Grade Grill that is constructed of 316 stainless steel. Also includes Drip Pan Flame Guard that sits in the drip pan of the grill to reduce a potential grease fire. $2,749.99

3. BLZ-5LTE2 40" 5 Burner Grill with 915 sq in cooking surface. $2,199.99


Offers many matching Outdoor Kitchen Appliances to compliment your outdoor kitchen (Side Burner, Griddle or Power Burner)

Great Warranty

Cons :

Manufactured in China

Blaze Professional 

Blaze Professional 3 Burner 34" Built-in Grill

The Blaze Professional Series is their top of the line grill series. These grills use a heavy duty cast stainless H Burner that produces 18,000 BTUs. per burner. The heat disbursement is a full width flame stabilizing flavor grid that covers the entire grill surface to help reduce flare-ups.

Rotis delicious chicken or roasts or veggies using the 10,000 BTU infrared rear-burner (includes rotisserie kit). 

Models :

1. BLZ-3PRO - 34" 3 burner with 816 sq in of cooking area. $3,299.99

2. BLZ-4PRO - 44" 4 burner with 1050 sq in of cooking area. $4,299.99

For those who do not have the space for a Built-in Outdoor Kitchen or full size grills on carts, Blaze has a Portable Professional "Take it or Leave it" Grill that is great for tailgating or small spaces. This grill uses the Cast Stainless H Burner and Flame thrower Ignition. $749.99

Blaze Professional Portable Tabletop Grill

Pros :

Great Warranty

Cons :

Expensive for a Chinese manufactured Grill. You can get a Twin Eagles (Made in the USA) Basic 30" Grill for $3679

Do you prefer Charcoal over Gas? You're in luck because Blaze has two styles of Charcoal Grills : Cast Aluminum Kamado (Egg Style Grill) and Built-in or freestanding Charcoal Grill

What we love about this Charcoal Grill is that it is the ONLY grill in the Blaze line-up that is Made in the USA.

Blaze Outdoor Grill Comparison Chart

Blaze offers an abundance of features with all of their grills. They have alot of storage component options that are Made in the USA, for your outdoor kitchen including doors, drawers, door/drawer combo units and more. There are also many refrigeration options as well. Another pro is we stock an abundance of replacement parts for Blaze Grills.

In our opinion, we prefer grills that are manufactured in the US first and foremost. We understand that staying within budget is super important. There are a lot of US Manufactured Grills that are budget friendly. We also prefer ceramic briquette trays over flame tamers. Summerset offers budget friendly grills that use the briquette trays. 

If you want to know more information about the Blaze Grills or any other Grill manufacturer, call us at 877-983-0451. We have been selling and repairing Grills longer than anyone (since 1956).

by Tracy Hollander on 5th Mar 2020
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