Blaze vs Summerset vs Bonfire

Comparison of 3 Popular Imported Grill Brands Blaze BLZ-4LTESummerset Sizzler PRO 32 and Bonfire 34"

Blaze vs Summerset vs Bonfire Grill Comparison Infographic

All three of these imported grills have similar features. They all use cast stainless burners and flame thrower ignition. The biggest difference is the heat distribution system. This alone is why we favor the Summerset Grill over the other two. They use ceramic briquette trays and you can read our blog post as to why we favor this system.

These brands offer similar warranties. Lifetime on some parts. This sounds great but what if they shut their doors or did not import enough parts. You could be waiting MONTHS. Yes months. Remember these imported grills are manufactured overseas and the parts are also imported. They do not have the manufacturing equipment in the US to make parts on demand. 

In addition, if the Chinese manufacturer they are using shuts their doors, you may have other parts that may not be attainable (unless the aftermarket) decides to make them. This is the same situation you will run into no matter the imported brand. This includes Coyote, Lion, Bull, etc.

In fact, we were recently hired to service a Bull Built-in Grill. The manifold needed replacing. The model was no longer manufactured and therefore the manifold was no longer available. This grill is not fixable. 

There are US made products that are budget friendly.They may be a little more than the imports but they are worth every penny.

If you would like assistance, contact the grilling experts at There is noone who has been specializing in gas grills as long as us! Contact us at 877-983-0451.

by Tracy Hollander on 9th Jul 2018
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