Artisan vs Sedona by Lynx vs Delta Heat

Comparing the Top Three Affordable Luxury Grills

In this info-graphic we wanted to compare USA Made 3 Mid Range Luxury Grill Models (ArtisanSedona by Lynx and Delta Heat) that are Made in the USA. 

Artisan vs Sedona by Lynx vs Delta Heat Grill Comparison

This is paramount when determining quality in the outdoor grill market. These grills are manufactured by world class outdoor appliance manufacturers who are known for quality and performance. These grills share many similar features as we will outline below. 

All three grills are manufactured in California. These affordable luxury brands have parent companies with long-standing histories in outdoor appliance manufacturing.

Artisan is Manufactured by Alfresco; Sedona is Manufactured by Lynx Professional and Delta Heat is Manufactured by Twin Eagles.

These grills all have very similar features. We will go over them below.


All three of these grills use a stainless steel U shaped burner. Artisan's produces 20,000 BTUsSedona is 23,000 and Delta Heat has 15,500 BTUs. Currently, only Sedona and Delta Heat have a lifetime warranty on these burners against manufacturer defects. The main difference between the models BTUs per burner. Sedona by Lynx is the highest of the three.


Artisan and Sedona require electricity to power the ignition. This is highly reliable as you do not have to change batteries (or worry about battery corrosion) but you must have electricity. The Sedona also has a battery backup in the event you should lose power. This is a great feature put in the grill. Delta Heat uses a 9 volt battery to power their ignition.

Heat Distribution System. All three brands use a Tray with ceramic briquettes. As we have stated before... this is by far the best type of system for radiating heat and flavor as well as distributing an even flame across the grill. Ceramic holds and radiate heat better than metal (which is not a good conductor of heat)

Cooking Grates

Each of the brands all use heavy duty round stainless steel rod grate. The only difference between these is the Sedona has a deeper cooking surface than the Artisan or Delta Heat.

Sear Burner

This feature is optional on all three grills. It uses infrared technology with ceramic burners that have tiny ports throughout the burner. This provides intense, yet variable, heat. With the Sedona you would simply choose the Prosear model, L600PSR. With the Delta Heat you can choose the sear burner option which will add an additional $110 to the price. In the Artisan you can purchase the Sear Burner Kit. This is a nice option as you can interchange the U burner for the sear burner and vice versa. You can also, interchange the sear burner in the Delta Heat as well. 

Infrared Rear Burner

Each of these grills come with a rotisserie back burner. Rotisserie a chicken or a roast to perfection. The beauty with the Sedona or Delta Heat is that you can get each of these models without rotisserie. In order to get the Artisan without rotisserie, you will not only lose the interior lights but the ignition will change to battery.

All three are Made in the USA from world class manufacturers. Artisan is manufactured by Alfresco, Sedona by Lynx Professional Grills and Delta Heat by Twin Eagles. You can be sure you are getting a high quality outdoor cooking appliance.You cannot go wrong with any of these models. 

So, which Brand do you choose?

We feel that not only that you get the best bang for your buck with the Sedona but we also feel it is more ascetically appealing. The warranty surpasses the other two brands and the parts are the most affordable when the warranty period ends.

Delta Heat would be a close second followed by Artisan. We do not prefer the control knob choice on the Artisan. They do not match the look and quality of the grill. They do not have a high quality appearance. 

Sedona and Delta Heat have many variations of their grill. You can get all blue flame (Stainless U Burners) or a combination of U burners with one Sear Burner as well as with or without a rotisserie. Sedona does not have an additional charge if you want a Prosear in the grill only if you choose the models with rotisserie. Delta Heat Grill models with sear burners are more than those without. In the Artisan, you have to order the kit.

There are 2 size options in the Artisan Professional. If you want the 26" you have to go to the American Eagle which offers a 26" but there will be no rotisserie to inter light option. 

The Sedona and Delta Heat have 3 size options that all have the same features. Sedona size options are in line with their parent company as well as the parent companies of the other 2 brands. 

All of these grill models are available on a cart which you can build the grill in at a later time if you wish.

If you have any questions or would like any further information on these products contact us at or call toll free at 877-983-0451.

by Tracy Hollander on 3rd Jul 2018
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