Delta Heat DHBQ32 Grill Review - New 2019 D Series

Delta Heat DHBQ32R-D

Delta Heat 32" Grills = Quality, Safety, Performance

We LOVE Delta Heat Grills at The BBQ Depot. They are the affordable line of Grills manufactured by Twin Eagles. For those who do not need a Professional Style Grill (like Twin Eagles), this is the perfect choice. 

They are one of the Best Grills in the Market!

Delta Heat Grills are Proudly Made in the USA!  You can see and feel the quality of the grill. As soon as you open the hood of the grill and turn the control knobs, you can see why this grill is a favorite and Rated #1 by The Spruce ( above Weber Summit for 5 years! 

The 32" Grill Series is a three burner grill, perfect for any family size, and has been upgraded with some amazing new features in 2019 are offered in 3 Models starting at $2259. 

There are also 2 other grill sizes to choose. If 32" is too large for your needs there is a 26" Model and if you need a larger grill, there is a 38". 

Every part of this grill is meticulously designed and crafted using the highest quality materials. 

Luxury Features Including :

  • 15,500 BTU's Per Burner
  • Spring Hood Assist Reduces the weight load of the hood .
  • Ceramic Briquette Radiant Grilling System
  • Decorative Blue LED Control Panel Lights
  • Interior Halogen Lights - Great for an evening barbecue
  • Heavy Metal Control Knobs
  • Mirror Polished Accents
  • Welded 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Double Lined Hood
  • Temperature Gauge
  • 9V Electronic Ignition
  • Stainless Steel Warming Rack
  • 525 sq. in. main grilling space

Delta Heat Stainless U Burner

The Main Burners on the Delta Heat are an 18 gauge Stainless Steel U that are warrantied for the lifetime of the original purchaser and produce 15,500 BTU's of power per burner.

Delta Heat Sear Zone Burner

At any time you can add some caramelizing magic to the DHBQ32G and DHBQ32R Models with the  DHSZ-KIT Sear Zone Kit. The Sear Burner is standard in the RS Model. This super Hot radiating direct heat sears your foods faster to seal in juices. More juices equals more moist and flavorful food.

Delta Heat Ceramic Briquette Tray

Over the Stainless U Burners you will find a ceramic radiating briquette tray that evenly spreads your flames over your grilling space.

The ignition is powered by a 9 volt battery system. (the battery is located under the control panel on the left side of the grill). Simply press the knobs (wait a few seconds for the gas to travel down the burner) and turn to light. This systems utilizes a valve with microswitch to allow you to use the knobs to light versus a separate push button.

The LED Control and Interior Lighting will require Electricity. 

Available Models : 

DHBQ32G-D - 32” Three Burner Grill (3 Control Knobs)

DHBQ32R-D - 32” Three Burner Grill with Infrared Rotisserie Back-burner

Delta Heat DHBQ32RS-D With Hood Open

DHBQ32RS-D - 32” Two U Burners, One Sear Zone Grill with Infrared Rotisserie Back-burner

If mobility is what you need, all of these models are offered on  Freestanding Carts. If you should choose to build an outdoor kitchen at a later date, you can remove the Delta Heat Grill from the base and build it in!

Delta Heat Outdoor Kitchen Components

If you are building an outdoor kitchen, Delta Heat offers an array of complimentary Products including a Single or Double  Side BurnerDoors, Drawers and even a Refrigerator.

Challenger Delta Heat DHBQ32 Coastal Outdoor Kitchen

If you do not want to bother with contractors and permits, The  Challenger Coastal Outdoor Kitchen is a great Product. For $5623 you can have a beautiful cart Manufactured in the USA from a powder coated aluminum (also warranted for Life) that features the Delta Heat 32" Grill and Outdoor Refrigerator. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of buying a  US Manufactured Grill. It is worth spending a few extra dollars to get a quality long lasting grill. What good is your grill if it does not work and you cannot get replacement parts?

The Delta Heat grill line was introduced as a more affordable product to be able to compete with all the imported grills being introduced into the market. The first Series of the grill was made overseas. One of the greatest designer and engineer, Dante Cantel, the founder of Twin Eagles and Delta Heat, could not continue to put his brand on what he felt was an inferior manufactured product and decided to bring all of the Delta Heat manufacturing back to the US.

Why Choose Delta Heat?

While is it great that these grills are Made in the USA, they truly are a beautiful high quality product you would expect from Twin Eagles. The are incredibly reliable with virtually no repair issues and have an incredible warranty (read below). There is absolutely nothing negative we can say about this grill.

Delta Heat Warranty

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Stainless steel main burners and stainless steel firebox to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential use for the lifetime of the product. 

FIFTEEN YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Stainless steel cooking grates

FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Briquette trays and gas valves to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential use.

Most Brands in this size are imported. These include Blaze and Summerset. There is one that is Made in the USA and offers a 32" Grill you may want to consider is the Artisan AAEP-32 and ARTP-32.

Contact us today to help you pick out the Delta Heat Grill that's perfect for you!

by Tracy Hollander on 2nd Aug 2019
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