Delta Heat DHBQ38 Grill Review

Delta Heat DHBQ38 Three Burner Grill Review

The Delta Heat Grill Model DHBQ38 is a USA Made 38" 3 burner Grill that is manufactured by Twin Eagles and designed by award winning engineer Dante Cantel. 

This Grill is Made in California and is one of the leading Mid Range "Affordable Luxury" priced grills. You can feel the quality as soon as you lift the hood.

There are 3 different model configurations in this Size; DHBQ38G-CDHBQ38R-C and DHBQ38RS-C

In the infographic below, you will see the comparison of the 3 different model configurations :

Delta Heat DHBQ38 Grill Model Comparison

The 38" Grill has three 15,500 BTU 18 gauge stainless steel U-burners on the G and R model and One IR Sear Burner & Two 18 gauge stainless steel burners on the RS. 

The main difference between the models is the G does not have a rotisserie and the RS has a sear burner. 

There is a Lifetime warranty on the burners.

The Grill has a Large 625 sq in of stainless steel rod cooking surface. The grill uses a heavy duty briquette tray that evenly distributes and radiates heat throughout the grilling surface.

The ignition powered by a 9 volt battery and ignited simply by pressing in the control knobs. There are internal lights for dusk and evening grilling. There are beautiful LED blue lights above the control panel.

A hood assist has been added for easy lifting.

This grill is a great value for a US made product. The quality is unsurpassed in the industry. 

Cutout 36 1/2" x 19 3/4" x 9 1/2"

All of these models are available on a  freestanding cart.

Which model do you choose?

If Rotisserie is not important to you, we suggest the G. The beauty of this grill is you can purchase a sear burner (at any time) and interchange the U Burner for the sear depending on your grilling needs.

The Delta Heat Line has every accessory you need for your outdoor kitchen.

The grill is just the beginning. Add Delta Heats complementary products and accessories including  side burnersdoors, drawers, refrigerator and more that will bring your outdoor kitchen to life.

Delta Heat has all this and more at an affordable price with unbeatable quality.

If you are comparing with Lynx or Artisan, read our blog post  here.

The outdoor kitchen experts at The BBQ Depot can put together an outdoor entertain package to suit your budget. Call us at 877-983-0451

by Tracy Hollander on 13th Jul 2018

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