Delta Heat Grill Brand Review

Delta Heat has set the standard in, Made in the USA , affordable luxury for outdoor grills and accessories. 

Delta Heat’s founder and owner is award-winning Engineer, Dante Cantal. His 30 years of expert knowledge in high performance residential and commercial cooking equipment created his natural transition to grills and outdoor kitchen equipment in the 90’s. These grills are manufactured by Twin Eagles Luxury Grills. 

Delta Heat is their affordable luxury grill line that still offers the same quality you would expect from Twin Eagles with many of the same bells and whistles. 

The Grills are offered in 3 Sizes : 26", 32" and 38" as Built-in or Freestanding units.

The 26" is a basic 2 burner grill without rotisserie back-burner. While the Delta Heat 32" and 38" are both three burner units offered with or without rotisserie back-burner as well as with or without an infrared sear burner.

Delta Heat Grill Model Comparison InfographicWe wanted to provide a Delta Heat Review for 2019, as introduced their new D series which adds many improvements to the grill.

These upgrades include :

  • Easy to open Hood Assist Springs
  • Dark Gray Temperature Gauge
  • Made in the USA etched on the front control panel
  • Lifetime warranty on their 18 gauge stainless U Burners

Features :

The burners, or heartbeat, on this grill is a powerful 18 gauge stainless U burner. 

The flames from the burner are evenly spread and radiated by Delta Heat's Ceramic Briquette Radiant Grilling System. The ignition is a 9 volt battery operated system that if ignited by pushing in and turning the knobs. 

Delta Heat Grill Features

Delta Heat offers everything you need to create a spectacular outdoor

Bring your indoor kitchen outdoors with 2 style Built in Cooking Accessories from Delta Heat. Choose from a drop in single side burner if you only need one burner or a slide in double side burner allowing you to heat sauces or boil water at the same time!

Delta Heat's Access Doors and Drawers includes all of your storage needs from Doors and Drawers to Combo Units and Trash systems.

They offer Built-in Bar Accessories that include a 20" Outdoor Rated Refrigerator with a 2 year warranty, Cooler Drawer & Drop-in Cooler (for Ice), Sink and Paper Towel Holder.

Protect your grill with a Delta Heat Grill Cover and keep it safe from the elements.

Why we love this grill?

First and foremost it is manufactured in the USA! We repair and service every grill known to man. We cannot support brands that are service heavy or have many failing parts. The only con we see in this grill is that they should offer lifetime warranty on their cooking grates!

What we choose to display on our showroom floor has to meet The BBQ Depot's 3 item quality requirements : 

1. Manufactured in The USA by an established brand. 

2. Quality 

3. Little to no service

4. Replacement Parts Should you need them

Delta Heat is one of the Brands that requires little to no service. We are located in South Florida where our environment is harsh to metals and outdoor equipment. We love to support grills that does not have service issues. This passes our quality standards! Having a US manufactured product also ensures that the appliance meets our government safety standards for gas products. 

Take for example Brinkmann. They went Bankrupt due to the fact they could not have any quality control for their products. They had serious safety issues with their products. 

We can import anything. This means that many products slip through the cracks and fail to meet important gas safety tests. When choosing an outdoor grill, quality has to be at the top of the list and with Delta Heat, you can not only have a beautiful product but also peace of mind.

Case in point, Delta Heat was first manufactured in China. Unable to maintain consistent quality in manufacturing, Delta Heat moved manufacturing back to the US! Delta Heat is price competitive to many grill brands that are imported. When choosing your next outdoor grill, do not overlook Delta Heat!

Contact us to put together an outdoor package to fit your needs and budget.

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