Father's Day Grilling Guide 2023

Choose from the best Father's Day gifts for your dad who loves to grill. Check out options that range from magnificent professional grills and pizza ovens to awesome extras for your grill station, including the always appropriate "Best Dad Ever" spatula.

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If your dad loves to grill, nothing will make him happier than some grilling goodies that set him apart from the pack. Whether your patio or deck is ready for the very best in a new grill, kegerator or pizza oven, or you just want to shower dad with high-end accessories such as our pizza serving kit or cast iron grill pan, you can find just the right choice for his big day. Show him your love and appreciation, and help make some new family memories, when you treat him to one of these ideal gifts for Father's Day.

Lynx L36TR Professional Series 36-Inch Built-In Grill

Lynx L36TR Bui;t-in Grill

Put pure grilling power into Dad's hands with this professional-level grill from Lynx. Made in the USA, the L36TR features a Trident infrared burner and dual cast ceramic burners that light up fast, delivering up to 73,000 BTU across 936 square inches of cooking space, so you can feed the whole family.

Beautifully lit blue control knobs and halogen grill lights make it easy to see what you're doing, and a large-capacity smoker box brings the extra flavor that has everyone wondering how Dad's grilling is so delicious every time.

An rotisserie back burner adds to this impressive grill's cooking capacity by delivering slow-cooking options. The combination of open flame and searing burners also provides versatility, while stainless steel grates and heavy-duty welded construction make for durable use and easy cleanup. Dad's going to look like a pro, thanks to the precision provided by the quick-to-read temperature gauge and the lid that's easy to open, courtesy of the fluid rotation handle and Lynx's Hood Assist feature.

Halo Elite3B Outdoor Griddle

Halo Outdoor Griddle

If Dad is looking to expand his outdoor cooking beyond grilling, we've got him covered with this excellent choice from Halo. The Dual-zone burners deliver six zones so he can griddle up something different for everyone in the family, and every one of the 564 square inches of this Halo Griddle provides windproof heat, thanks to the inset griddle plate.

Shift to the swing-away warming rack to keep the grilling coming, and keep that cooking surface level with the help of the adjustable casters and bubble level. Those casters also make it easy to roll your griddle anywhere you need it, while the 36,000 propane-fueled BTUs deliver the heat you need at up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (and the grill can be used with natural gas if you prefer).

Grease management is streamlined by the built-in utensil squeegee, and the built-in griddle removal tool can serve as a hook to keep all your needed utensils close at hand. Get started fast with a warm-up time of only 10 minutes, and keep control of your temperatures with the adjustable regulator of either 9.5 or 11 inches WC.

Halo Versa 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Halo Outdoor Pizza oven

Help Dad take outdoor dining to the next level with this amazing outdoor pizza oven from Halo. You'll never want to order takeout again once you've savored the delicious pizzas that this propane-fueled oven cooks up in just 5 minutes or less.

The motor is powered by an AC adapter for your convenience, but you can switch over to two D batteries to give you flexibility in placement. The 360-degree rotating Cordierite pizza stone in this oven allows hands-free pizza making, so Dad can turn his attention to creating culinary masterpieces on the grill at the same time.

With an infrared burner at work under the pizza stone and a separate convection burner in the back of the oven, you can count on balanced cooking every time, all at the high temperatures (up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit) that true pizza lovers demand. No wonder this Halo outdoor pizza oven was a 2022 Retailer's Choice award winner!

Alfa Nano Pizza Oven

Dad will look sharp beyond measure when you gift him this stunningly beautiful Alfa Nano pizza oven featuring graceful lines akin to something you'd find in a Tuscan villa. Made in Italy, the stainless steel design, ceramic fiber insulation and fire bricks on the oven floor lock in the heat, releasing it perfectly to create pizzas that will have the whole neighborhood coming back for more.

Choose between a gas-powered model, or go fully authentic with the wood-fired pizza oven. This oven is bigger than it looks, so it's easy to slip the provided pizza peel in and turn those pies around.

Adjusting the temperature is simple, so you can get the flames to just the right level for that thin, crispy crust. Both the striking design of this pizza oven and the luscious pizzas Dad can create with it will make a statement for the ages.

Summerset 6.6 Cubic Feet Outdoor Kegerator

Summerset Outdoor Kegerator

All the grilling and pizza in the world isn't going to make your party complete if you don't have cold beer to top it all off — and let's be honest, Dad wants a lip-smacking brew in his hands while he's grilling.

Turn your home into the party destination for your neighborhood when you install this amply sized kegerator from Summerset. The 6.6 cubic feet of cold storage means you can keep the cold ones coming, and you can choose from a single or double tap to give yourself those all-important options on a hot summer's day.

Adjustable legs keep your kegerator level, while reliable temperature control delivers energy-efficient chilling even on the hottest day, since this kegerator is UL-rated for outdoor use. You can feel confident setting this appliance up in your yard, thanks to the locking door and fully sealed back that keep underage kids away from your beer, your kegs out of sight and your brewing safely away from pests.

Halo Cook and Serve Pizza Kit

Halo Cook and Serve Pizza Kit

Cooking up the best pizza in the world isn't going to make Dad look (and feel) good if he doesn't have a high-style way to serve that yummy pie. That's where this six-piece set comes in.

With three pizza peels, you can get that pizza into your oven smoothly, then separate it from the pizza stone without any hassle or shredding — not to mention how cool you look as you slide the pizza out for cutting. And yes, cutting is even easier with the handsome mezzaluna-style cutter that comes with this kit.

Instead of rolling that tiny pizza wheel back and forth (and back and forth again and again) to try to separate pieces, this cutter makes portioning pieces quick, easy and professional. The kit's tongs are specially designed to grab crusts as needed, and the slice server promises evenly sized pieces (important when you're making pizza for kids!) while also doubling as the handle for the pizza peels.

Dad can even prep your pizzas on the peels, loading them up with everyone's favorite toppings. Everything you need to make pizza and serve it with flair is included in this handy six-in-one kit.

TEC Best Dad Ever Spatula

Best Dad Ever Spatula

A man is only as good as his tools — and this professional-level spatula is one of the best grilling tools we've ever seen. As a bonus, this spatula becomes the best Father's Day gift ever for your grilling dad, thanks to the way it proudly proclaims "Best Dad Ever" on the handle.

With a 6.5-inch head on the spatula, your own Best Dad Ever has all the leverage and room he needs to flip burgers, salmon and even massive steaks. The spatula is constructed from 18-gauge 304 stainless steel, so it can stand up to anything your hungry family might demand, and of course, it has a hole in the handle to make it easy to hang when Dad's ready to sit down and enjoy his own meal.

Give it to Dad as a Father's Day gift he'll truly appreciate, or tie it on as a welcome extra to the grill that's his major gift — and then wait for him to beam with pride every time one of your guests sees that "Best Dad Ever" announcement gleaming by the grill.

Finex 15-Inch Lean Grill Pan Skillet

Finex Lean Griddle Skillet

Top off Father's Day with this cast iron grill pan that delivers deep cross-hatch grill marks no matter where you cook with it. Made to be used with the reverse sear technique of cooking steaks, this skillet is ideal for chops, steaks and salmon.

Its fine craftsmanship sets it apart from lightweight grill pans that you might use for one summer, then toss aside. Instead, Dad is likely to hand this handsome grill pan down to the next generation or even the one after that. The extra space around the edges of the pan drains away grease so you know you're actually grilling your food (not frying or sautéing it) and you don't end up eating fat that you don't want — on top of which, those wide grill ridges also allow easier cleaning.

The ultra-thick cast iron distributes heat evenly, so you stay in control of your cooking, and the grill pan comes preseasoned so Dad can get right to grilling the moment he opens the box.

by Tracy Hollander on 1st Jun 2023
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