How to install a TEC Infrared Grill Burner

Installing an infrared burner in a TEC (G3000 pictured) is not as simple as just removing the burner.

There are quite a few steps and we will outline them in this post.

TEC burners, as far as we can remember, have been mounted to the valves. So you cannot simply lift them from the grill. This is because it keeps the manifold secure. Most manufacturers (Lynx, Alfresco, etc) will bolt the manifold to the front of the grill. TEC has been the only grill we have seen not to do this.

To change your burner, follow the steps below :

1. Remove cooking grates and radiant glass panels and set aside

2. Pull out the back and side body trim panels 

3. Pull out the stainless heat shield (This is an open rectangle that surrounds the entire firebox)

4. Unbolt the orifice and the nut behind it (set aside for reinstallation)

5. Remove the bolt that holds the burner to the grill

6. Remove the burner

7. Pull the igniter wire off the electrode to release the burner

8. Connect the igniter wire to the electrode to the new burner

9. Install new burner by placing the end over the end of the valve

10. Reinstall nut (this is what holds the burner to the valve) 

11. Screw orifice back onto the valve

12. Bolt the burner onto the grill

13. Test fire the grill to be sure all burners are lighting. Keep in mind you may need to make an electrode adjustment if you hear the rapid clicking of the ignition but the burner is not igniting.

14. Reinstall radiant glass panels and cooking grates

TEC Grills were the first to use the infrared burners. Once their patent ran out, many grill manufacturers started adding the option of a sear burner to their grills. In fact, at one point, Charbroil had an agreement with TEC and had a true infrared in some of their grill models. That does not exist anymore as the burners were not the same high quality infrared burners TEC manufactures. TEC still remains the only all infrared grilling manufaturer.

Maintenance Tip : Keep burner free from debris by lightly vacuuming

Troubleshooting Tip : If you find your Burner makes a loud "whoosh" sound and then followed by a blow-torch sound then most likely your burner has overheated by not having enough ventilation. Turn the Burner Knob off and let cool for five minutes. Remove any object covering that may be obstructing the ventilation of the burner or anything that may be causing to much coverage over the cooking grates. The burner needs to cool for about five minutes, then test fire the burner.

You should be all set! If you run into any trouble, let us know!

by Tracy Hollander on 15th Nov 2017
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