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TEC infrared burners need to be replaced usually when there are cracks in the tile on the burner or the baffle is broken.

When you hear a "popping" or "swooshing" sound, it is time to replace your infrared burner because the burner cannot keep the pressure inside the infrared burner housing. To test is the baffle is broken, remove the top off the burner, if there is still a popping noise, the burner needs replacement.

Don't Use A Brush To Clean Burner, or Water

When you clean the infrared burner never use a brush as you do not want any grease or debris in the ceramic tile pores. Water is not good for the burner either. When the burner heats and creates pressure, the water causes steam to be pushed out of the infrared burner through the tiles and it is possible to get a tiny cracks. It can be very difficult to see these tiny cracks until it gets larger which will happen with consist use.

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