OEM and Aftermarket Grill Parts

OEM and Aftermarket Grill Replacement Parts

There are essentially "2" types of grill replacement parts on the market - OEM and Aftermarket.


OEM is the original equipment manufacturer part that, ironically, may not have even been manufactured by the company, especially if they outsourced the manufacturing of their grill. They are not necessarily "better quality." Sometimes they are really expensive and sometimes they are really cheap (not only in price but in quality).


Aftermarket parts are grill parts that are made by independent companies that actually purchase grills in the marketplace and have certain parts made to be identical to the original in equal or sometimes better quality.

Aftermarket parts are different from universal as a universal part is somehow "adjustable" to fit a range of sizes.

Why do I see 2 of an identical part?

People often ask why do I see 2 burners  for my grill that look identical, what is the difference. This is essentially because there are 2 US companies that make quality grill replacement parts - Music City Metals (MCM) and Modern Home Products (MHP). Music City Metals has been in business since the 80's and Modern Home Products since the 60's.

MHP, USA Quality

Modern Home Products not only makes grill repair parts, but they were the original Charmglow grill and continue to manufacture USA made grills today.

In addition, most of the stainless steel replacement parts in the MHP catalog are USA made giving them, in our opinion, an exceptional quality.

MCM and Overseas IP

Sadly, the Chinese have have stolen the intellectual property of MCM, which has taken them decades to assemble and are trying to pass off their substandard products as the MCM parts.

You will see these in "packs" being sold on Amazon and Ebay.

Music City Metals did win an injunction to have these products removed from the marketplace, but sadly they just change their display name and try selling them again.

Don't Support Theft

Supporting any of these Chinese companies is supporting theft. Music City Metals has put blood, sweat and tears into putting together a substantial grill parts catalog together and manufacturing high quality parts.

Support Quality

With proper care, these parts will far outlast any Chinese ripped off product. This is upsetting to us that anyone would support any business that rips off the hard work of others. Imagine if it were one to you and you were losing business and your employees losing jobs.


In conclusion, the aftermarkets companies have been making great product for years so you will not be getting a substandard part. In fact, it will be the same quality or will exceed the quality of the OEM.

So, when people ask us Do we go with OEM or do we go with Aftermarket? We say go by price.

by Tracy Hollander on 9th Jan 2017
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