Top 3 Luxury Grill Brand Comparison - Alfresco vs Lynx vs Twin Eagles

Top 3 Luxury grill brands manufactured in the USA

When Only The Best will do: High-End Luxury Grill Comparison

We have been selling grills and repairing them since 1956! We know a world of information about the quality and longevity of hundreds of grill brands. In this post, we would like to share what we believe to be the best of the best US made grill brands, to help you have the Ultimate Grilling Experience year after year!

To us, it is not even close, it's: Alfresco, Lynx and Twin Eagles.

All share the same professional, commercial quality manufacturing features, all will last a lifetime (with some TLC of course), and all are Made in the USA (California).

When considering a built-in grill, these are excellent choices, but they do have some key differences which can matter big time depending on your preferences. Lets take a look at some specifics:

(Full Infographic At Post Conclusion)


All of these brands offer a limited lifetime warranty on their burners.

These warranties are "limited" because they do not cover misuse or abuse. So we always recommend maintaining your burners by cleaning (excluding the Lynx Cast Ceramic Burner) them at least 2x per year, here is how you know exactly when.

Alfresco uses 18-SR Stainless Accufire Burners and Twin Eagles use a 304 Stainless Steel U-Shaped burner with a center fed tube that have a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Lynx stands out from the competition with their Cordiarite Cast Ceramic Burner with 25,000 BTUs per burner.

Lynx Cast Ceramic Grill Burner

This burner is innovative and unique to the market as it not only retains heat better but it is also self cleaning. You will never have to worry about clogged gas port holes (a common issue) as the deign of the ceramic burner conceals them from drippings. This burner is also self-cleaning.

Every time you heat up the grill, you are not only providing the most even heat, you are consistently cleaning the burners as well.

Sear Zone (Trident) Burner - A Top Chef's Choice

All three manufacturers offer an option to add a Caramelizing Searing Burner used worldwide from the worlds leading chefs. These burners differ in an open (blue) flame burner as you do not see any flames. It is a ceramic burner that bring intense heat, and fast!

These burners deliver consistent heat, period. Windy conditions by the ocean? No problem. This doesn't not effect the grilling consistency or performance as simply there are no flames to blow.

Alfresco's Sear Zone brings steak house power and control and reaches 1,500 degrees in four minutes.

Alfresco Sear Zone Burner

Twin Eagles and Alfresco use standard rectangular shaped infrared burners (pictured above) while Lynx is shaped like the Greek trident.

Lynx has a trident burner has instantaneous temperature control that ranges from 300-1,000 degrees.

Lynx Trident Sear Burner

With Lynx, you can add this feature at no extra charge (seen here). In addition, they are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on their sear burner. That is a pretty big deal.


All three grills require electricity to power the igniters. This is a great feature as you do not have to change batteries though you must have electricity nearby. Electrically powered igniters are proving to be more reliable than the old battery operated igniters as they remain corrosion free.

Twin Eagles and Lynx use glow plug vs an electrode. At The BBQ Depot, we much prefer the reliability of electronic ignition.

Lighting is more consistent. The glow system heats a round tube that heats up, glows orange and ignites the burner.

Lynx Glow Plug Igniter:

Lynx Hot Surface Igniter

Alfresco Electrode Igniter

Heat Distribution

All three brands use a Tray with ceramic briquettes.

This is the best type of system as the briquettes:

  • Retain heat efficiently
  • Radiates flavor throughout the grill
  • Distributes the flame more evenly
  • Uses less gas

Alfresco Ceramic Briquette Trays

The Cooking Grates

Lynx and Alfresco both use heavy duty round stainless steel rod grates. Twin Eagles distinguished themselves from these with their heavy duty thick 3/8" hexagonal grates. The shape of these grates offer more mass than traditional round rod grates. 

In addition, the hexagonal grates have a flat side that has a greater food to surface connection allowing food to cook more evenly and more heat to get to the food.

Twin Eagles Hexagon Stainless Cooking Grates

Rotisserie Motor

This rotisserie motor is what sets Alfresco and Twin Eagle above any competition, including Lynx.

The motor is integrated into the firebox thus eliminating a bulky exterior rotisserie motor. Seen on all ALXE's here

They both have a chain driven design that provides consistent and uniform rotation of the spit rod. The integrated motor allows for the hood to have a more sleek design eliminating the need for a cutout for the spit rod. Twin Eagles takes this innovation one step further by adding a Rotisserie Spit Rod Storage that is conveniently located in grills drip tray handle.

Lynx uses an exterior mounted rotisserie motor. This is cumbersome as you have to store the rod and motor when not in use. Making the use of the rotisserie inconvenient.

American Made

All three brands are proudly made in the United States, making them the highest quality outdoor cooking equipment in the market. They are undoubtedly the top of the line.

Truly, you can't go wrong with any of these companies. They also all have an extended array of products that will complimentary your grill including Side Burners, Power Burners, Pizza Ovens, Griddles (Alfresco uses an optional Accessory that is used with the Versa Burner), Refrigeration and more.

Twin Eagles Introduced a Wood Pellet Wifi Enabled Smoker that you can add to your outdoor kitchen

This will enable you to plan and design an outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Affordable Sub-Brand Alternatives

All three brands have an affordable luxury Brand if you were not needing professional chef quality.

Alfresco has Artisan

Lynx has Sedona

Twin Eagles has Delta Heat.

What we love about the Sedona by Lynx line is, the design of the Grill will compliment any of Lynx Products if you wanted to mix and match your outdoor equipment. This may help accomplish any budgetary requirements. With Artisan and Delta Heat you cannot do this.


At the end of the day, aesthetics are a huge deal. Which brand will compliment your decor the best?

For example, Lynx and Twin Eagles use Beautiful Blue LED from Control Panel Lighting.

Lynx L36R Grill with Blue LED Light Control Panel

Lynx 36 Built in Grill with Blue LED Lights

Twin Eagles TEBQ36 Grill with Blue LED Knobs

Alfresco uses a more relaxing Amber color

Alfresco ALXE 36 Built-in Grill

We should also mention, Alfresco includes a grill cover with all of their grills, at the price of theses products, they all should.

Customer Service

Through our extensive experience with all of these brands, we believe Lynx has by far the best customer service. They cannot be beat in this category!


Overall, each of these manufactures lead the market in the engineering, innovation and design. They all have some features that differentiates themselves from the other.


Top 3 Luxury Grill Brands - Alfresco vs Lynx vs Twin Eagles

Let us help you make the best decision

We have been selling Lynx since they were introduced, Alfresco since 2004 and Twin Eagles for the past 10 years!

If you have any questions, would like us to put together an outdoor kitchen appliance package to meet your needs, Complimentary Design Services or simply need further information on these products contact us at or call us at 877-983-0451. Happy Grilling!

by Tracy Hollander on 2nd Mar 2017
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