The Artisan Grill series represents luxury grilling. They are manufactured in the USA by Alfresco. They have created a high-quality yet affordable luxury line of Built-in and Freestanding grills. All Freestanding Models feature stainless steel cart, slide-out tray to hold 20lb. Propane cylinder, and heavy-duty locking casters. Each grill will ship fully assembled. 

Artisan Grill Product Lines For Your Outdoor Kitchens

Alfresco offers two Artisan Grill series: American Eagle and Professional Series. View our comparison of both here

With the Artisan Pizza Oven, you can expand beyond the grill. It can heat food up to 800 degrees. Flexible temperature control and a 15-minute preheat will allow for more experimentation when cooking. Take time also to view accessories and optional equipment with these brands.  

Artisan Professional

With the Artisan Professional 32" 3 Burner Grill with Rotisserie, Light & Cart, you get a heavy-duty outdoor grill that cooks restaurant quality food. The optional searing burner gives you more flexibility if you need to change U-burners. With a electro plated nonstick surface for the stainless steel cooking grates, cleanup will become easier. The curtain chimney design keeps controls cool and reduces discomfort while grilling. 

Artisan American Eagle

The Artisan American Eagle 36" Built-in Grill is one of our best-reviewed products from the brand. Customers like the simple design and durable structure. It has the company's signature ceramic heat delivery system and a 15-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Stainless steel spring assists make opening and closing the grill more accessible, with adjustable warming racks allowing for easy logistics.

Artisan grills are an affordable option compared to other luxury outdoor grills, each product is made in the USA and doesn't compromise quality for the sake of price. Moreover, Artisan grills have many premium features that would normally be found on higher-end grills.

Have an Artisan Grill and you need replacement parts? Look no further than We stock a variety of replacement parts including burners, ignition, briquette trays, knobs and more. Plus we can assist in finding the correct part for your grill.

What Features do you get with the American Eagle And The Professional Series?

Both lines have these standard features:

  • Powerful 20,000 BTU Stainless U-burners 
  • The ability to switch any U-burner with an optional Infrared Searing Burner
  • Ceramic briquettes create even heat distribution across the grilling surface
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel grates
  • Warming rack with two positions
  • Unique air curtain designed to keep controls cool to the touch
  • Stainless steel spring hood assist 

The Professional Series includes interior halogen lights and a rotisserie back burner. An ignition utilizes a 110v electronic ignition, while the American Eagle does not have a rotisserie or lamps, and the ignition operates on a 9-volt battery.

Find Your Luxury Gas Grills At The BBQ Depot

The BBQ Depot is a family business that retails and services Artisan BBQ Grills and other brands. We want to provide these components and repairs at reasonable rates so that you can find the best items from manufacturers. Our years of experience have also helped us make recommendations about brand upgrades and which accessories to order. 

To get your professional grill service, please reach out to us today. The BBQ Depot will answer your questions about when to replace a control panel or how to use your infrared burner safely. 

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