Twin Eagles Teppanyaki vs Lynx Asado vs Blaze Griddle Grill Review

Which Outdoor Hibachi Griddle is the Best?

Twin Eagles Teppanyaki vs Lynx Asado vs Blaze Griddle

In this review we will be comparing the Twin Eagles Teppanyaki vs Lynx Asado vs Blaze Griddle. 

The above info graphic will compare the main features.

We love the idea of adding a teppanyaki griddle to your outdoor kitchen repertoire of appliances. There is no meal as decadent as one created on a flat top grill. It is super cool and super versatile. There are so many different styles of meals that will take you from breakfast to dinner. From pancakes and bacon to grilled cheese sandwiches to stir fried vegetables this is an outdoor appliance that you will use all day. This is a must have in every outdoor kitchen! 

Twin Eagles Teppanyaki TETG30-C  

Made in the USA. They took inspiration from traditional Japanese iron plate cooking and combined it with their American ingenuity to create their Teppanyaki griddle. The griddle is a solid thick 5/16" Stainless steel surface with two independent thermostatically- controlled Stainless U burners that have a total of 40,000 BTUs. There are heat indicator lights above the knobs to let you know the surface is hot. 

The ignition is a hot surface which is standard in the Twin Eagles Line of Grills.

When not in use, the Teppanyaki comes with a Stainless Steel Cover. There is an Exclusive Control Illumination consistent with the other Twin Eagles products.

While we love the Twin Eagles line...this one falls short only because of the warranty.

Available in a Freestanding Model.

Lynx Asado Cooktop

Made in the USA. The Asado is powered by two Trident Infrared Burners that can power up to 46,000 BTU's. These burners have precise temperature control with a wide range of temperatures. We love how evenly the trident burners heat up the cooking surface.

Their multi-layer griddle surface is made up of aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of stainless steel. 

The Beautiful Backlit Blue Illuminating Control Knobs is consistent with the Lynx Grills. The removable griddle surface and grease trays allow for quick and easy cleanup. 

The ignition is a Hot Surface system lights burners quickly by simply push and turning the knob. This ignition is super reliable! Includes stainless steel cover when not in use.

Available in a Freestanding Cart Model and Mobile Kitchen.

Blaze Griddle

This unit is Imported. The Blaze Griddle is powered by two Stainless U shaped Burners that provide 36,000 BTU's. Uses a flame thrower ignition which is not our favorite. This is because the ignition is powered by a gas orifice in the valve. The Electrode is attached to the valve. The biggest downfall with this system is if your electrode should need to be replaced, the entire valve needs to be replaces. This ignition is a popular system with imported grills. 

The Griddle Plate is made from Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel and they include a Stainless steel lid when not in use. 

They use Red Illuminated control knobs consistent in the LTE series.

The BBQ Depot Recommends - The Lynx Asado Cooktop

Reasons Why :

1. Manufactured in the USA by one of the strongest Outdoor Manufacturers in the World!

2. Has the most heating power with 46,000 BTU's

3. Features Lynx Trident Infrared Burners for even and consistent heat

4. Lifetime warranty on Burners

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by Tracy Hollander on 30th Jul 2018
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