Where do I find the serial number on my TEC Infrared Grill

The serial number of your grill begins with an abbreviation of your TEC grill model.

Here's how you locate your serial number :

Cherokee Back side of grill on a metal plate

Cherokee FR Right side of grill on a clear sticker

G Sport FR Right side of grill on a clear sticker

Patio Backside on a metal plate

Radiant Wave Backside on a metal plate

Sterling 28, Sterling 2, Sterling 3 Open the hood, remove the drip tray, remove the right cooking grid and look behind the right burner. It will be on a metal plate behind the burner. The plate may need to be wiped down to remove any grease that may have accumulated. 

Sterling FR - Left side of grill on clear sticker

Sterling G - Inside the drip tray

Sterling G FR Left side on clear sticker

Worn Or Destroyed? - No worries

If you have done the above methods and your serial number has been worn or destroyed from years of grilling, do not panic. Our service technicians have been working on TEC grills for years and we can identify your grill from a picture. 

We carry a warehouse full of parts for your TEC grill including the infrared burners, cooking grates, igniters and more. 

If you have a Patio II, Sterling II or III, Sterling G Series or Cherokee,  click here for a popular part breakdown. 

You are always welcome to email us a picture at info@thebbqdepot.com and we can help you decipher the grill you have.

by Tracy Hollander on 28th Dec 2016
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