Your grill needs service

Did you know you need to service your bbq grill?

We are often told by people that they didn't know they need to clean their grill. Servicing your grill will extend the life of the grill as well as ensuring the safety of the grill.

We like to use cars as an example. Just as you would never neglect to change the oil in your car, you should never neglect the burners, or any other part for that matter, in your grill.


Taking the burners out and cleaning the holes of the burner will ensure that the holes will not clog and thus force more gas out of the remaining holes and eventually cause a crack that creates a very large gaping hole. When the holes of the burner are clear, they allow the gas to flow freely and evenly.

Heat Plates

Another part in the grill that takes a beating is the  heat plate or briquette tray (whichever is in your grill). This is another part that should be cleaned. Grease, over time, will eat through metal and the heat plate will disintegrate or break into pieces.

Firebox - 2x Per Year

At least twice a year, all parts in your grills firebox should be removed and de-greased.

We offer a cleaning and repair service to our customers in South Florida (Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties).

Look out for our service truck!

by Tracy Hollander on 18th Sep 2014
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