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Alfa has been manufacturing authentic pizza ovens in Italy for over 40 years. They specialize in wood and gas fired ovens, fireplaces and refractory bricks. In recent years, they have concentrated on wood and gas fired ovens for domestic and professional use. Alfa is headquartered between Roma and Napoli, in the birthplace of pizza.

What makes Alfa Hot?

  • Manufactured in Rome, Italy - Home of Authentic Pizza
  • Family Owned since 1977
  • More than just a Pizza Oven.

Alfa ovens are amazing at baking Neapolitan pizzas in about one minute at 840 °F. Expand your offerings at lower temperatures to cook bread, roasts, fish or veggies.

3 Beautiful Product Lines to Choose

1. Classico Line - Models: 2 Pizze and 4 Pizze 

2. Moderno Line - Models: Portable, 1 Pizze, 2 Pizze, 3 Pizze, 5 Pizze 

3. Futura Line - Models: 2 Pizze, 4 Pizze 

Standalone Features:

  • Authentic HeatKeeper Firebrick - Alfa uses a thick firebrick, which they make in their factory in Rome, in every pizza oven. This HeatKeeper firebrick absorbs and retains heat far better than any lava or ceramic used in other pizza ovens. This allows you to make pizzas one after the other.
  • DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool Insulation - The space between the two stainless walls is filled with DoubleDown Superwool® insulation. This European ceramic fiber offers up to twice the heat resistance of the rock wool insulation used in other artisan at-home pizza ovens. This maintains the heat and allows you to consistently bake perfect pizzas. It dramatically lowers the temperature of the outer oven wall.
  • Patented Full Circulation Flue System - Although the chimney is at the top,the patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System, circulates hot air fully around the chamber and is driven back down to where it can heat the firebrick and pizza. This ensures the proper temperatures required to bake both crust and toppings.

Why choose an Alfa pizza oven over any other brand?

Reaches 500 degrees in 30 minutes. The double wall ovens are constructed with two different types of steel creating a Forninox steel cooking chamber. The inner wall is manufactured with a combination of 441 stainless steel and titanium to withstand thermal stress. The outer wall is manufactured with a stainless steel alloy with a low iron content ensuring greater resistance to heat and corrosion. 

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