Bromic Heating style and world-class innovation has set an industry benchmark for its outdoor gas and electric infrared heaters.

Their sleek aesthetic and revolutionary designs has raised the bar in outdoor heating.

They offer their Platinum and Tungsten series heater in both Gas and Electric options. They also offer a portable unit for those who do not want a wall mounted heater.

They have a new electric option, the Cobalt, which is an entry level electric wall mounted heater that still embodies the Smart Heat technology that is the Bromic foundation. 

Outdoor "Smart" Heating

Bromic Heating has revolutionized the outdoor heating industry with its stylish and innovative heating solutions that include a range of features not seen in electric or gas heaters. We love the design and look of these heaters. They add an upscale appeal to the outdoors. Whether is your backyard or patio or restaurant (in Commercial applications), Bromic Heating has raised the bar.

Bromic Heating Platinum Smart Heat Gas Heater

The Platinum Heaters have a brushed stainless steel exterior with a ceramic medium making it the most aesthetically appealing outdoor heater.Tinted ceramic transforms an otherwise bright red glare emitted by traditional tiles into a soft glow, enhancing the overall experience while ensuring even heat distribution.

The Tungsten Heaters were designed, as a cost-conscious product range that does not sacrifice aesthetics for function. The patented direct ignition system, never before seen on an outdoor gas radiant heater, ensures a reliable start and effective operation, even in winds of up to 12 km/h.

The Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric, is an infrared electric heater blending aesthetics with function. It's stylishly designed to provide efficient directional heating for commercial and residential locations. 

And last but certainly not least, The Tungsten Portable Unit

The Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Gas Radiant Heater has a cutting edge design and practical functionality. Consistent with Bromic Heating’s vision for innovation, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable takes gas heating to the next level with its efficiency and effectiveness not found in todays market. 

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