From burners and heat plates to ignition switches and cooking grids, we have everything you need to get your Jenn Air grill looking and performing like new. By swapping out an old or malfunctioning burner with a new one, you will get more out of your grill and get back to producing the best meals possible.

These parts are compatible with a huge selection of Jenn-Air grills (model numbers below) as well as equipment made by Nexgrill, Charbroil, and other popular brands.

Jenn-Air Replacement Grill Parts

Let's face it, your grill takes a lot of abuse. Even when you take extra-special care of your equipment, it still has to put up with the heat and mess that comes along with grilling, not to mention the weather, temperatures, and other elements that come along with outdoor living. That's why we carry a wide selection of replacement parts that can bring your grill back to its prime condition.

Jenn-Air has been manufactured by many companies including The Jade Corporation (which manufactures Dynasty Grills) and Nexgrill while the name is licensed and sold exclusively through Lowes.

Jenn-Air Grill Models We Carry Replacement Parts For:

420-0032, 710-0036LP, 710-0037NG, 720-0061, 720-0061-LP, 720-0062, 720-0062-LP, 720-0063, 720-0063-LP, 720-0077, 720-0077-lp, 720-0094, 720-0099, 720-0099-NG, 720-0100, 720-0100-NG, 720-0101, 720-0101-NG, 720-0138, 720-0138-NG, 720-0139, 720-0139-NG, 720-0141, 720-0141-LP, 720-0142, 720-0142-LP, 720-0150, 720-0150-LP, 720-0151-NG, 720-0163, 720-0164, 720-0164-LP, 720-0165, 720-0171, 720-0336, 720-0337, 720-0339, 720-0511, 720-0512, 720-0607, 720-0650, 720-0671, 720-0709, 720-0709B, 720-0720, 720-0727, 720-101, 720-1064-lp, 730-0163, 730-0164, 730-0165, 730-0166, 730-0171, 730-0304, 730-0336, 730-0337, 730-0511, 730-0709, 730-0720, 740-0124, 740-0141, 740-0142, 740-0165, 740-0338, 740-0711, 740-0712, 750-0141, 750-0142, 750-0165, 750-05338, 790-0004, CCG2420B, CCG2420W, CCG2520B, CCG2520W, G026, JA38LP, JA38NG, JA460, JA460N, JA460P, JA461, JA461P, JA480, JA480N, JA480P, JA580, JA580P, JA80P, JBQ30BA, JBQ30BAM, JBQ30FL, JBQ30FN, JBQ30L, JBQ30N, JBQ42BA, JBQ42FL, JBQ42FN, JBQ42L, JBQ42N, JBQ54L, JBQ54N, JEA7030ADS, JLG7130ADS, JSB36RM, JSB36WM, SVD8310S, VC75A

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