Browse our higly rated KitchenAid replacement burners, and other grill parts like cooking grates, and ingition. See full list of supported model's below.

Replacement parts for these KitchenAid model numbers

720-0336D, 720-0709C, 720-0727, 720-0732, 720-0733, 720-0733A, 720-0745, 720-0745A, 720-0819, 720-0826, 730-0336D, 730-0732, KBGN274LSS0, KBGN274PSS0, KBGN274SSS0, KBGN292LSS0, KBGN292PSS0, KBGN364LSS0, KBGN364PSS0, KBGN364SSS0,KBGS274LSS0 , KBGS274PSS0, KBGS274SSS0, KBGS292LSS0, KBGS292PSS0, KBGS364LSS0, KBGS364PSS0, KBGS364SSS0, KBNS271TSS0, KBNS271TSS00, KBNS361TSS0, KBNS361TSS00, KBNU271VSS00, KBNU361VSS, KBNU361VSS00, KBNU367TSS0, KBNU367TSS00, KBNU367VSS, KBNU367VSS00, KBNU487TSS0, KBNU487TSS00, KBNU487VSS, KBNU487VSS00, KBSS271TSS0, KBSS271TSS00, KBSS361TSS0, KBSS361TSS00, KBSU367TSS0, KBSU367TSS00, KBSU487TSS0, KBSU487TSS00, KFBU271TSS00, KFGR270LSS0, KFGR270PSS0, KFGR271SSS0, KFGR274LSS0, KFGR274PSS0, KFGR292LSS0, KFGR361SSS0, KFGR364LSS0, KFGR364PSS0, KFGR382LSS0, KFGR382PSS0, KFGR383SSS0, KFRG383SSS0, KFRS271TSS00, KFRS361TSS00, KFRS365TSS00, KFRU271VSS, KFRU361VSS, KFRU368TSS00, KFRU368VSS00, KFRU488TSS00, KFRU488VSS, KFRU488VSS00, KSBN220SSS0

Model not listed?

If you do not see your model listed, search for your repair parts by dimension.

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