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Primo is not only the only ceramic kamado grill made in the USA it is also the only Oval Shaped Grill.

The Patented Oval Shape offers true two-zone simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. Two different cooking zones. We would compare that to using a grill and an oven at the same time.

The Primo Reversible Cooking Grid, Heat Deflector Plates, Extension Racks, and many accessory offerings allow you to create more than 69 different cooking configurations.

Simply fill the firebox with natural lump charcoal. Cool air is drawn into the bottom vent, then heated by the charcoal. The heated air convects around the food before exiting the top vent. The Thick Ceramic Body retains more heat than metal grills, thus helping food retain moisture

GRILLING & ROASTING: Insert the cast iron firebox divider. Fill one side of the firebox with natural lump charcoal. Create two distinct cooking zones using a heat deflector rack and heat deflector plate. T

GRILLING: Fill the firebox with natural lump charcoal. Use the vents to control airflow and watch the temperature gauge get to your desired temperature. 

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