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Your Solaire ignition system consists of 2 components: The spark generator and the igniter wires & electrodes. The spark generator is what you push or turn to ignite your grill and the electrodes are places next to the burner holes to create the spark.

Older Solaire Grills used a AA battery holder system that has been discontinued and replaced with a battery holder/push button spark generator system. Newer Solaire Grills use a 2 port or 4 port 9v Spark Generator

Solaire Igniter System Parts List by Model

Locating Solaire Igniter Module

The Igniter Module is located under the Front Control Panel on the left side in the 21”, 21XL grills. It is on the Right side in the 27”, 27XL, 30”, 36” and 42”, and one on each side for 56” and 56T models.

How To Install the 9 volt Battery :

  1. Under the control pane, locate the black round battery cap and unscrew to remove the old battery
  2. Place new Battery into the cap with the terminals facing out.
  3. Screw the cap back on the igniter module base being careful not to over tighten
  4. Test your ignition system and listen for a continual spark as well as seeing sparks from the electrodes. (You may need to remove the cooking grates and heat plates (in convection models) to see the electrode sparking)

Continual clicking and still no spark?

Be sure to check that the Igniter Wires are securely connected to the back of the Spark Generator. If their is still no spark, you may need to adjust the metal tip closer to the burner.

How to locate the battery ignition on a Solaire

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