Brass Dual Manifold Valve

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Fits Arkla Models : 41438, 41439, 41530, 41531, 41630, 41630-S, 41632, 42210, 42212, 42290, 42300-G, 42301, 42310, 42311, 42314, 42317, 42381, 42382, 42390, 42391, 42403, 42410, 42410-S, 42417, 42420,,42429, 42501-RUF, 42505-GU, 42510, 42510-S, 42513, 42513-S, 42517, 42518, 42530, 42530-S, 42531-F, 42531-P, 42531-SP, 42533, 42538-P, 42580, 42581, 42582, 42583, 42584, 42600, 42602-G, 42610, 42610-N, 42610-NP, 42610-NS, 42611-N, 42612-N, 42618-S, 42629, 42630-N, 42630-NS, 42639, 42639-S, 42680, 42681, 42682, 42683, 42684, 551990, 551996, 552990, 553920, 561591, 561592, 562590, 562591, 563490, 563690, 61310, 61400-1, 61400-G, 61410, 61501-R, 61503-R, 61510, 61511, 61512, 61600, 61600-1, 61601-RPU, 61610, 61610-1, 61610-S, 61611, 61611-S, 61612-1, 61612-S, 61614 61615-1, 62300, 62310, 62400, 62401-RBF, 62410, 62420, 62510, 62511, 62600, 62601-RBF, 62610-S, 62612, 62612-S, G214-10L, G214-30B, G214-30L, G214-30L1, G214-32L, G244-23I, G244-24I, G244-24I1, G244-25I, G244-25I1, G244-25I2, G244-25I3, G244-25N, G244-25R, G244-25R1, G244-25R2, G244-6, G244-6C, G304-25A1, G304-25A5, G304-25A6, G304-25N, G304-26A, G304-32B, G304-32L, G304-6C, G304-B, G305-31B, G307-6, G324-25I, G324-25I1, G324-25I2, G324-25R, G324-25R2, G324-32I, G324-34I, G324-34I1, G324-5B, G344-11B, G344-32B, G344-33L1, G344-34I, G344-34I2, G344-34I3, G344-34I4, G344-34I5, G344-34I6, G344-34L, G344-38I, G345-33B, G345-34L, G364-4C, G364-6C, G404-25N ,G404-26A, G404-26A1, G404-26A2, G404-4, G404-44A, G404-6, G404B, G405-33B, G405-34B, G424-25R, G424-34I, G424-39I, G424-4B, G424-4C, G424-6C, G444-25R, G444-26A, G444-26A1, G444-44A, G444-4B, G464-4C, G464-5C, G464-6, G464-6C, G484-6, G484-6C, G527-6B, G584-6C, GB21-332I, GB21-333I, GB30-330I, GB40-330I, GF430-217-SB, GF430-286-EB, GF430-286-EI, GF430-292-EB, GF430-292-EL, GF430-329-EA, GF430-329-EI, GF430-EB, GF430-EI, GF430-EL, GF430-SB, GF430-SI, GF430-SL, GF540-286-EB, GF540-286-EL, GF540-286-SB, GF540-292-EB, GF540-292-EI, GF540-292-EL, GF540-292-ELV ,GF540-292-EUB, GF540-330-EAV, GF540-330-EI, GF540-330-EI-1, GF540-330-EIV, GF540-EA, GF540-EB, GF540-EI, GF540-EI2, GF540-EIV, GF540-EL, GF540-EVB, GF540-SB, GP304-35L, GR1515 up front, GR1515-286-EL, GR1515-4, GR1515-5, GR1515-6, GR1515-EL, GR2020, GR2020-A, GR2020-L1, GRB40,GRB40-286-EL, GRB40-286-GIV, GRB40-286-GLV, GRB40-EL, GRB40-EL1, GRB40-ERV, GRB40-GIV, GRB40-GL, GRB40-GLV, GRB404-GL, GRB44-A, GS1515-4, GS1515-5, GS1515-6, GS2020, GT1515, GT1515-251U, GT1515-288U, GT1515-EU ,GT1515-EUV, GT1515-EV, GT1515-SE, GT1515-SR, GT2020

Fits Sunbeam Models : 3167X,8 31MC6


Material : Brass Manifold

To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.  You can also check your owner's manual to make sure this part will work with your grill.



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