Grill Valves & Regulators

The grill valve needs to be working in order to ensure a wide range of cooking options. If your gas grill valve is broken or not functioning we have an extensive collection of valves to suit your needs.

What Do Gas Grill Valves Do?

Gas grill valves are fundamental in regulating how much heat makes it to your grill pit. Essentially, BBQ grill valves release gas into the venturi tube into the burner.

The hose and regulator connects to the propane tank where the gas flows through the grill manifold to the valves and into the burner where it is mixed with oxygen.

From the venturi tube, the gas is released into the burners, where it is ignited and used as fuel for the grill. The valves react to the user's commands through a knob or handle attachment that releases gas. Valves have three connections, one for the gas line, one to the burner and one to the knob, and are only a couple of inches long.

Replacing Your Grill Valve

For many grill owners, replacing a gas grill valve is an insurmountable challenge and difficult to find the exact matching valve to the one that originally came with the grill.

When you replace a valve, however, you need to make sure that you buy the exact part that you need for the grill because grills are made with a specific gas grill valve in mind. Write down the model number, make and any other information you can gather about the broken valve in order to find the right valve for your gas grill.

The Benefits of a New Valve

Many recipes call for slow cooking or indirect grilling -- especially recipes that use wood chips to smoke the meat. Without good valves, it can be hard to cook these meals properly as if your valve does not react adequately to the knob it uses, then you don't have as much control over the grill temperature.

Additionally, some meats such as steaks and pork chops are delicious when they are grilled quickly over a hot flame. The high temperature locks flavor and juices into the meat while cooking the meat all the way through.

A malfunctioning gas grill valve could also be holding back gas and therefore heat from the burners, taking away your ability to get the grill as hot as possible.

Why Choose Grill Valves from The BBQ Depot?

The BBQ Depot has all kinds of grill valves and regulators to fit the exact part number and model of your original valve. We buy all of our products directly from manufacturers, meaning that you can feel safe that you are buying the right valve for your grill. Also, because we buy direct, all of our grill parts are durable and simple to install. For purchases over $99, we offer free shipping within the continental United States as well. Search our inventory today to find the right gas grill valve for you!

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