Broilmaster P3, D3 Bowtie Stainless Burner Kit - DPP101

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Stainless Steel Bow Tie Burner For Dual Control Model.

Two Curved Venturi Tubes go from Burner and curve upfront to control valves on front control panel.

Fits Broilmaster Models : D3, P3, U3, S3, Ducks Unlimited, D3 (1990s), D3NWO (1990s), D3BL (2003), D3BL-1, D3BL-1 (2003), P3 (1990s), P3BL (2002), P3BL (2003), P3BL-1, P3BLN-1, P3FBL (2003), P3FBL-1, P3FBLN-1, P3FGY (2003), P3FGY-1, P3FGYN-1, P3GY (2003), P3GY-1, P3GYN-1, P3HG (2002), P3HG (2003), P3HG-1, P3HGN-1, P3S-1, P3SN-1, P3SS, D39NWO

Replaces Broilmaster DPP5 and DPP101


Dimensions : 10 1/2 x 17

Dimensions : Venturi from the bottom of the burner to the bottom of the venturi tube is 3 3/4"  also from end to the center of the tube is 4 3/4"; approx 3 1/2" wide

Material : Stainless Steel

Assembly required

This Item Is An Original Manufactured Part/Item

Fits Model Years Prior To 2011 

To ensure you choose the correct replacement burner and venturi kit for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.


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  1. Bowtie Replacement Burner replacement maintenance

    I've owned my BroilerMaster grill since 2001. I've replaced the burner twice. An easy DIY at a cheap price to keep your grill in top shape.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 6th Aug 2021

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