21 3/4 x 6 3/4, Viking Stainless U Burner - VIKU1 Replaces OEM PA080050 and B2004921

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Heavy duty stainless steel aftermarket U shaped burner to fit select Viking Gas Grills. This burner Includes the the drip shield where with the OEM is a separate part.

This burner comes with mounting brackets to convert older Viking Grills that used a Cast Iron Burner to be able to switch to the stainless steel burner. The large bracket attaches to the center tube and has two screw holes for mounting to the rear of the housing. The two smaller brackets mount to the two holes at the rear wall of the housing and create a ledge for the end of the two tubes to rest on.

Fits Viking Models : 316-911, VGBQ 30, T Series, VGBQ 41, VGBQ4122RNSS, VGBQ 53, VGBQ030-2T, VGBQ300-2RE, VGBQ300-2RT, VGBQ300-2RT/E, VGBQ300, VGBQ300T, VGBQ410-3RE, VGBQ410-3RS, VGBQ410-3RT, VGBQ410-3RT/E, VGBQ410, VGBQ4103RE, VGBQ4103RSNSS, VGBQ410T, VGBQ412-2RE, VGBQ412-2RT, VGBQ412-2RT/E VGBQ412, VGBQ412T, VGBQ530-4RE, VGBQ530-4RT, VGBQ530-4RT/E, VGBQ530T, VGBQ532-3RE, VGBQ532-3RS, VGBQ532-3RT, VGBQ532-3RT/E VGBQ532, VGBQ5323RS, VGBQ532T, VGIQ300-2RE, VGIQ300-2RT, VGIQ410-3RE, VGIQ410-3RT, VGIQ412-2RE, VGIQ412-2RT, VGIQ530-4RE VGIQ530-4RT VGIQ532-3RE, VGIQ532-3RT, VGBQ532-3RSLSS

Material : Stainless Steel, 304

Dimensions : 21.75 x 6.75 (end to end with shield) ; approx. 21 9/16 venturi end to end of burner (not including shield)

Screws not included

Alternate Part # 15481, G5004577, G5004548, g5004548, MCM15481, PA080047, PA080035, PA080050, pa080050, 004276-000

Replaces OEM : Burner PA080050, 004276-000 and drip shield B2004921

To ensure you choose the correct replacement burner for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.

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  1. New Stainless Replacement at Lower Cost

    The original carbon steel and cast burner s died a slow death after years of service. The replacement parts from Viking were too expensive to consider.
    These all stainless steel replacement burners are better quality than original, mounted easily and perform as or better than new.

    Verified Customer Gary - 25th Oct 2023

  2. Looks just like oem

    East order and delivery. Easy install. Looks just like oem. But I have replaced oem in the past and replacements don’t last more than a few years. At a fraction of the price but we will see…..

    Verified Customer Dank - 18th Jun 2022

  3. Great product

    This product is a direct fit for my Viking grill with out the giant price tag Very good product recommend

    Verified Customer Unknown - 17th Apr 2022

  4. Quality and Service

    The quality and service was exceptional!

    Verified Customer James C Merritt - 6th Nov 2021

  5. Good

    Seems like a high quality product at a reasonable price and fits perfectly.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 20th Sep 2021

  6. Viking burner

    Shipment was quick, the burner works well, much less expensive than buying directly from Viking. There is an excellent YouTube video showing how to install the burner.

    Verified Customer Jim - 18th Aug 2021

  7. Works perfectly

    Works fantastic

    Verified Customer Nilima Rao - 13th Jul 2021

  8. The customer service has been great.

    I really did not have any major issues with the burners. The new burners are made overseas and just not quite the same quality.

    Good people.

    Verified Customer Robert Templin - 21st Jul 2020

  9. Excellent service and quality!

    Excellent service and quality. Items were as described. Shipping was very fast arriving in British Columbia within 2 weeks of our order.

    Verified Customer V. Urquhart - 29th Apr 2020

  10. Excellent product and service

    I have purchased at least 2 sets of replacement burners in the past from my 25 year old Viking BBQ. Both times I had ordered the "heavy duty" burners and both of these burned through at the elbow joint within 2 to 3 years. The original set lasted about 10 years.

    The set from BBQ Depot were by far the best looking burner set I have received. They seemed heavier and more substantial in all respects ( better welds and solid plates and fixtures ). I cannot confirm the life expectancy but I can say that they are superior to anything I have received through Amazon.

    They also were delivered quickly and on time, even during the recent Christmas delivery rush.

    Thanks BBQ Depot.

    Verified Customer Unknown - 30th Dec 2019

  11. Great Assistance, Product, Delivery. Thank you

    I bit the bullet and bought all new "guts" for my 15 year old Viking BBQ. There were so many different models and replacement parts that I was very hesitant to especially with the burner. I called the BBQ Depot for assistance and was kindly helped by an extremely knowledgeable and friendly person who directed me to the right parts. I am semi not-too-handy but was able to replace all parts and clean my BBQ on a weekend afternoon. The Burner and other parts work great. My BBQ actually burners hotter and more even than before. There were several BBQ replacement part companies that I searched and the BBQ Depot had the best prices and service for what I needed.
    Thank you BBQ Depot.

    Verified Customer Kel in Cali - 19th Jun 2019

  12. Great Choice

    Quick install and perfect fit. It took longer to remove from the box than it did to install the burner. I replaced all 4 burners and grates and saved $2170.00. And I don't want to forget the great customer service. Tracy was fantastic. After I received and installed the products, I called her back to personally thank her.

    Verified Customer Clyde McDaniel - 3rd Jun 2019

  13. Great fit

    Fits well and provides a nice even flame

    Verified Customer matt - 27th Mar 2018

  14. Works great and fit great

    Works great and fit great

    Verified Customer Unknown - 18th Apr 2017

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