Ceramic Ignitor Electrode, Ducane

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Model Compatibility:



Fits Ducane: 1200HLP, 1200HLPE, 1202, 1202HLP, 1202SHLPE, 1202SHNE, 1204, 1204S, 1204SHLPE, 1204SHNE, 1205, 1205SHLPE, 1205SHNE, 1300, 1300SHLPE, 1300SHNE, 1305, 1305SHLPE , 1305SHNE, 1502 , 1502HLP, 1502HLPE, 1502HN, 1502HNE, 1502SHLPE, 1502SHNE, 1504, 1504S, 1504SHLPE, 1504SHNE, 1505, 1600, 1600SHLPE, 1600SHNE, 1605, 1605SHLPE, 1605SHNE , 2002 , 2002HLP , 2002HLPE, 2002HNE, 2002SHLPE, 2002SHNE, 2004 , 2004CPGLP, 2004S , 2004SHLPE, 2004SHNE , 2005, 2005SHLPE, 2005SHNE, 3000, 3002, 3002LPE, 3002NE, 4002, 4002NE, 4002SKF, 4002SLPE, 4005, 4005LPE , 4005SLPE, 4005SNE, 4005SSNE, 5002, 5002S-Natural, 5002SHLPE, 5002SLPE, 5002SS, 5004, 5004S, 5004SHLPE, 5004SHNE, 5005, 5005SHLPE, 5005SHNE , 6002 , 6002NE, 6002S, 6002SLPE, 6004, 7100, 7100R, 7200, 7200R

Alternate Part# G4313758, IG9B


To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.  You can also check your owner's manual to make sure this part will work with your grill.



  1. Works fine, but order the extender Ceramic Ignitor Electrode, Ducane Star Rating

    Posted by on 17th Mar 2018

    Electrodes fit burner fine after loosening unit within the bracket to snap it in place; re-tightening the lower “nut” was fussy, but do-able. (Burner tube is oval, not round - so it won’t rotate around without popping off.)
    On the Ducane 7100r grill, one electrode has to travel the entire length of the grill, so best to order the spade tipped extensions - no wondering if the electrical tape will wane in the various weather conditions.
    Would help if they sold the extra small male and female spade tips; local hardware stores don’t seem to carry them.

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