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  • dual outlet igniter

UP-6B Dual Output Rotary ignitor


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UP-6B Dual Output Rotary ignitor Description

Rotary piezo spark generator. Two round connector leads spark both main burners.

Sold Individually


Model Compatibility:

Arkla: 4051K, 4051KN, 4451K, 4451KN, GA350617, U3521

Charmglow: 568UC, 635NG, 64036, 640HD, 644N7, 644NG, CG660EP, CG660SP, CN4411, CN650E, CN650ES, CN650S, CN660S, GA350517, U3501, U35016, U3507, U3521, U407H

Ducane: 1204, 1204SHLPE, 1204SHNE, 1205SHLPE, 1305SHLPE, 1305SHNE, 1504SHLPE, 1504SHNE, 1605, 1605SHLPE, 1605SHNE, 1605SHLPE, 1605SHNE, 5004SHLPE

Embermatic: 3520U, 4020U, 4020U6, 404UC, 4060U, 4060U6, 4420U, 4420U6, 4460U, 4460U6, 4461U, U3561, U4421, U5662 Falcon: 4029F, 4029F6, 4049F, 4049F6, W402,9 W4029-5, W4049

Fire Magic: 3148-66, 3275, 3280

Great Outdoors: 1000, 1000k, 3600G, 2003, 5500, 5500K, 6000, 6100, 7000, 7000W, 7500, 8000, 8100, 8500, 8500L, A032141, A032142, BLACKSTONE 1000, blackstone 8000, TG560, TG560P

Grill Master: 448DC, 448DC6, AG800C, AG800CB, AG801C, AG850C, AG850CB, AT570EPB9, AT809CP9, CG809CP9, GG481EP9, GG485EPB9, GG575EPB9, GG585EPB9, GG800C, GG800CB, GG800CP9, GG800CPB9, GG800CU, GG800S, GG801C, GG801CU, GG809CP9 GG850C GG850CB GG850CP9 GG850CPB9 GG850CPBU9, GG850CPQ9, GN800C, GN800CP9, GN850C, GN850CP9, HG7620SPB, HG850C, HN7501EPB, MG800CB, SG5502RPBM, SG5600SPB, SG7620SP, SG7620SPB, WG580EPB9, WG800CP9

Sunbeam: 26122, 36035, 48112, 48122, 48214, 48224, 48313, 48528, 49121, 5661U, 63055, 63536, 6353H, 63556, 63576, 640NG, 64415, 64438, 6443H, 6443V, 644N5, 65256, 65276, 65658, 65678, 68729, 68817, 69119, 69219, 69313, 69415, 69418, 69518, 6951A, 69528, 69618, 69718, 79416, 79426, 7942C, 79816, 79817, 7981S, 79917, 8642C, 89229, 89328, 89429, 89523, 89527, 8952C, 89627, 89727, 89826, HG7501EPB, HG7620SPB, HN7501EPB, N652C, N656C, SG5600SPB, SG6501EPB, SN6501EPB, ST5600SPB, U3521, U403H, U4069, U4415, U5256, U5262, U5658, U5672, WG580EPB9

TEC (Thermal Engineering Corp): Sterling III

Vermont Castings: VC0680A, VC0680P

Viking: VGBQ413RS, VGBQ3002RS, VGBQ4103R, VGBQ4103RS, VGBQ4122R, VGBQ4122RS, VGBQ3002R, VGBQ5304R, VGBQ5304RS, VGBQ5323R, VGBQ5323RS, VGSB122


Alternate Part : PA020023, 03220


To ensure you choose the correct replacement part for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.  You can also check your owner's manual to make sure this part will work with your grill.

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