17 3/4 X 10 3/4, FireMagic Aftermarket Flavor Grid, Deluxe, Custom 2, Regal 2 - FMHP4 Replaces OEM 3053-S

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Fits Fire Magic Models : 11-B1C3N-0, 11-B1SNA-A, 11-S1C3N-0, 11-S1SNA-A, 13-S1S1N-A, 13-S2S1N-A, 15-S1S1N-A, 15-S2S1N-A, 17-S2S1N-A, 1B-S2S1N-A, 21-S1C3N-26, 21-S1S1N-26, 21-S1S1N-86, 21-S1S1N-87, 23-S1S1N-62, 23-S2S1N-62, 25-S1S1N-62, 25-S1S1N-71, 25-S2S1N-62, 25-S2S1N-71, 27-S2S1N-31, 27-S2S1N-41, 27-S2S1N-51, 27-S2S1N-61, 2B-S2S1N-62, 2B-S2S1N-71, 31-B1S1N-A, 31-S1S1N-A , 3C-B1S1N-A, 3C-S1S1N-A , 61-B0S0N-0, 61-S0S0N-0, Custom II, Deluxe, Elite-50, Monarch, Regal II


Material: Stainless Steel 18 Gauge 

Dimensions: 10.75-in X 17.75-in

This item is not an original manufactured part.  If you would like the original manufactured part use item 3053-S


To ensure you choose the correct replacement flavor grid for your grill, we recommend removing the original part and comparing it to what we list.


Ask The Experts


  1. Perfect fit at half the price

    This grid fit perfectly, replacing the Fire Magic original grid that had finally burned out.

    Verified Customer Douglas Graff - 30th Nov 2022

  2. Good quality, fair price

    Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of this sheet. I replaced the original after 20 years. Put some briquettes on top for even better fire distribution. Extremely happy

    Verified Customer Evan - 18th Apr 2022

  3. Seems equal to OEM

    Just moved into a house with a Fire Magic grill that needed a little love. I was hesitant to buy aftermarket but at $100 each for OEM , I was willing to take a shot. Ive only used these 3-4 times but initial quality seems strong. These appear to be as heavy gauge as the originals and have been working great so far. Heat deflection is much improved compared to the old ones with holes. Would buy again (*hopefully not for several years!)

    Verified Customer Andrew - 20th Sep 2021

  4. Excellent replacement

    Appears to be an exact match and very good quality. Only time will tell as to how long it will last, which is the most important thing.

    Verified Customer Whahut - 27th Jun 2021

  5. Exceeded my expectations

    While I was nervous ordering an aftermarket grid, my expectations were significantly exceeded. Rather than a Foreign knockoff, mine was made in the USA. Came double boxed, so it was pristine, no need to bend it back in shape.

    I use my bbq multiple times per week, year round and need to replace the flavor grid every few years. I will definitely reorder this one in the future.

    Verified Customer Barry Williams - 22nd Jul 2020

  6. Perfect fit

    These fit perfectly in my fire magic custom 2. Happy with the purchase and would consider these equal to the OEM

    Verified Customer Jason - 30th Jun 2020

  7. looks just like OEM

    I checked the thickness and the OEM and this one were both the same, 16 gauge stainless, same pattern, looks the same, only used a couple times, so far so good, but even the OEM don't last that long, maybe 2-3 years

    Verified Customer bill Korbin - 25th Jun 2019

  8. Excellent Quality

    There’s always a risk buying an after market part, but this one is quite impressive. Good quality, heavy gauge, kitchen grade stainless steel describes the flavor grid I received in just a few days after ordering. It appears to be just as good, if not better, than the one that came with my FireMagic in 2002, and at a fair price, too. You can’t expect a flavor grid to last forever, being exposed as it is to the propane flame during every cooking session, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t last just as long, if not longer, than the OEM version. I’ll follow up with a comment if my expectations aren’t met, or exceeded, but for now, I’m very happy I took a chance on bbqdepot’s offer of this sturdy looking part for my grill.

    Verified Customer John Gramont - 6th Apr 2019

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