Replacing a BBQ Igniter?

There are many different ways to replace your grills lighter. Replacing just the igniter spark generator, the electrodes & wires, or simply replacing the whole ignition system.

These three different processes are all easy to install, and you can pick whichever you find is not working on your BBQ grill.

Troubleshooting your ignition:

1. If your grill uses an electrically powered ignition system, is there power to the grill?

2. In a battery operated system, Are there new batteries?

3. Can you hear a sparking sound when the ignition switch is pressed?

4. Are the electrodes sparking? If you have a hot surface electrode does it glow?

5. Can the burner be manually lit?

What Grill Ignitors Do?

BBQ ignitors use what is called a piezoelectric system to create a spark to light the gas that a grill's burners expel. The button you push on the grill is connected to a long pressurized tube that pushes a hammer at the end of the tube into a crystal, creating hot and powerful sparks that ignite the gas and one or more burners.

If you cannot use your BBQ ignitor, you can use a lighter wand or another lighter, but the process is much more dangerous and inconvenient. Getting burned is a greater possibility when lighting by hand.

No longer hear a clicking noise?

You need to replace your piezo spark generator if so. In a battery operated ignition, if you do not hear a clicking noise, replace the battery. If you still do not hear the clicking sound, you need to replace the spark generator. You need to replace your electrodes when the metal tip at the end or the ceramic has broken.

Since you need to find a new part or system that is compatible with your our replacement igniters list compatible grill make and model specifications in their product descriptions. While some of the technology behind BBQ grill igniters is fairly complicated, the systems are usually easy to install and come with complete instructions. If you have any questions, contact The BBQ Depot, and we will be happy to assist you.

A wide selection of grill parts & igniter replacement parts

Meeting the exact specifications of your grill is no problem. Our online system allows you to sort through our collection of igniters based on the part's model or by price, making the process of selecting a new lighter easy and efficient.

In other words, we carry igniter parts that will fit your TEC, Weber, Lynx, DCS, Alfresco. Wolf, or Twin Eagles. Search our extensive catalog today for all your BBQ igniter and grill part needs!

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