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What is a grease tray? Drip trays also known as grease pans or grease trays are located underneath the control panel and is used to collect drippings from your Gas Grill. 

TheBBQDepot.com offers mostly OEM Drip Trays for many brands including Alfresco, AOG, Artisan, Blaze, Delta Heat, FireMagic, Lynx, MHP, Phoenix, Sedona, TEC, Twin Eagles and Weber. If you do not see your manufacturer listed, please contact us.

There are only 2 brands that we have aftermarket pans - Vermont Castings and Members Mark (Sams Club) Grills.

The problem is if your grill is a "licensed" private label product that is purchased from a big box store, we only have replacement parts that the aftermarket provides (burners, heat plates, cooking grate, ignition).

If a grease tray is not offered for your brand, our best suggestion would be to have a piece of sheet metal cut to fit in the frame of the pan to cover any holes or see is a local welder can replicate yours.

This is why we always educate our customers to purchase a grill from a manufacturer, not a private labeled Brand.

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